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  • St. Ann is one of the oldest populated areas in the island of Jamaica tracing back to 600 - 650 A.D. It is believed to be the earliest Taino/Arawak settlement in Jamaica. When Christopher Columbus first came to Jamaica in 1494, he landed on the shores of St. Ann.

    The first Spanish settlement in Jamaica was also at Sevilla la Nueva, now called Seville, just to the west of St Ann's Bay. Established by Juan de Esquivel, the first Spanish Governor of Jamaica, St Ann's Bay became the third capital established by Spain in the Americas. The first sugar mills were established by the Spaniards in Sevilla la Nueva before 1526.

  • The highest elevation in the parish is in the Dry Harbour Mountains at 762 metres above sea level. Because of its limestone formation, the parish is noted for its 59 caves and numerous sinkholes.

    The Moneague Lake, which varies considerably in size, is one of the few large intermittent lakes in the island. The boundary between St Ann and St Mary is formed by the White River, which flows for 27.4 kilometres. Other rivers like the Dunns River appear intermittently, rising a few kilometres from the coast. The names of the main rivers are Negro, St Ann, Great, Roaring, Cave and Pedro.
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  • The major economic activity in the parish is Tourism. Ochio Rios is one of the major tourist destination of Jamaica, given that Dunn's River Falls and many popular beaches, like Puerto Seco Beach, are located there. There is a cruise ship dock on the west shore of Ocho Rios Bay, and numerous hotels and resorts (including Sandals Jamaica) are located in and around the city.

    Dunn's River Falls: The unique thing about Dunns River falls is that the falls is at the mouth of the spring; right before it enters the sea. It is possible to travel up the 600 ft falls in groups holding hands for safety. It is one of Jamaica's most popular attractions.

    Bob Marley Museum: This is at Nine Mile, the birthplace and burial site of Bob Marley. The site is run by the Bob Marley Foundation and some of the funds generated is used to improve community facilities and advance community development at Nine Mile. jamaican flag