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  • Saint Thomas was densely populated by the Tainos/Arawaks when Christopher Columbus first came to the island in 1494. The Spaniards established cattle ranches at Morant Bay and Yallahs. In 1655, when the English captured Jamaica, residents from other British colonies were invited to settle here. About 1600 colonists, mainly from Nevis ?including the Governor of Nevis, his wife, children ? settled there. In a short time, however, two-thirds of them died of fevers.

  • St Thomas is also the home of the famous Morant Bay Rebellion, in 1865. The ex-slaves all over Jamaica were discontented about the injustices being meted out to them, particularly on the question of land tenure. Paul Bogle led a delegation of small farmers that walked 45 miles to present their grievances to Governor Eyre in Spanish Town, but they were denied an audience.

    On October 11, Paul Bogle and his followers armed with sticks and machetes went to the Court House where a vestry meeting was being held. The Riot Act was read, but was virtually ignored. A few people began to throw stones at the volunteers, who fired into the crowd killing seven people. Later the mob reorganized and returned, setting fire to the Court House and nearby buildings. When the custos Maximillian von Ketelhodt and others tried to leave the burning building, they were killed by the mob.
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  • Saint Thomas is a parish that is situated at the south eastern end of Jamaica, in the county of Surrey.

    It is the birth place of The right Honorable Paul Bogle, one of Jamaica's seven National Heroes. Morant Bay, its chief town and capital, is the home of the Morant Bay Rebellion, of which Bogle and George William Gordon were leaders

    In 1674, the French Admiral Du Casse, sailed from Santo Domingo and landed at Morant Bay on June 17. For a month, he wrought havoc on the settlers there, killing many and carrying off their slaves.

    Later, bands of Maroons settled in the mountains of St Thomas and they eventually joined with the Maroons in Portland to form the Windward Maroons.
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