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Album Track Listings

  • 1. Thank You Jah
  • 2. Dread Out Deh
  • 3. Loves On The Seen
  • 4. Ready To Groove
  • 5. Natty
  • 6. You Let Me Down
  • 7. Dream Of Me
  • 8. Poor Side Of Town
  • 9. World Power
  • 10. Story Never Ends
  • 11. Under Attack
  • 12. Love Starve
  • 13. Uptown
  • 14. Ghetto Side Of Town
  • 15. Richest Continent

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    Neville "Tinga" Stewart career began in 1969. His first recording was with Ernest Wilson of the "Clarendonians", titled "She's Gone" and "Old Old Song". It was followed by a hit "Hear the Train" produced by Derrick Harriot which secured Tinga's position early in his career. Tinga was lead vocalist for a group called the "Wilcats" and performed at some of the leading entertainment spots in Kingston

    Currently Tinga is riding the charts with "Dream of Me", produced by Lloyd Campbell of Joe Fraser records, and earlier in the year he had a chart topper titled "Yu Let Me Down", and he wrote "Cheater" for his brother Roman Stewart, which was also on the top ten charts.

    Other albums in his catalog include Under Your Spell, "From the Archives", Unforgettable, "Ninja & Tinga alongside the Dancehall Greats" in Return, and "Brother to Brother", Tinga is also featured in Peanut Vendor Meets Bongo Nyah which includes track from the likes of Marcia Griffiths, Freddie McGregor, Lloyd Brown, Nadine Sutherland, Glen Washington, George Nooks, Dino, Tanya Stephens