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  • Truly Majestic
  • Moonrise
  • Truth No More
  • Write Your Name
  • Feel It Now
  • Everyday Good
  • Feel Alone
  • I'll Be Near
  • Oneness
  • Oneness Dub

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    The oldest German soundsystem still playing out in combination with one of Germany's most promising roots & culture singer-songwriters Patrice. Since July 1991 Hamburg's selecter Oliver Schrader and sound-engineer David Meyer run Silly Walks Movement, and they are known for their conscious roots & culture approach of the music.

    They already showed this with the release of the various artists set "Songs Of Melody", and now they teamed up with Patrice, who has 2 albums behind his name "Ancient Spirit" and "How Do You Call It?". On "Songs Of Melody" Patrice performed a different version from the 2nd album's "Jah Jah Deh Deh" called "Mindslaves" which is now featured as the B-side of the single from this album: "Moonrise".

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