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Album Track Listings

  • 1. Rule this World
  • 2. Make it up to you
  • 3.666
  • 4.Paradise
  • 5.Dollar Kill
  • 6.Come together
  • 7.Place pon Fire
  • 8. Jah Watch I
  • 9. No Escape

    go direct to amsterjammin 365 home page!
    About PMF.. name and mission. It's very likely to think the name Poor Man Friend has something to do with poor people so let's explain the name a bit more. For Jamaica's impoverished farmers, growing 'poor man's friend' is one of the few sure ways of earning money.

    To the Rastafarians the name Poor Man's Friend is an alias for ganja the healing of the nation. We just liked the name for a Reggae band because it sounded good and because of it's link with the island Jamaica. Instead of farmers we are the musicians, so to speak, growing a Reggae band named Poor Man Friend.

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