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Album Track Listings

  • 1. Humble Yourself
  • 2. Change Your Ways
  • 3. Ears Playing Tricks
  • 4. Can't Go To Sleep
  • 5. It's Alright
  • 6. Boogie Woogie Dance
  • 7. Raggamuffin Girl
  • 8. Bring Back the Days
  • 9. Take Me On
  • 10. I'm Waiting
  • 11. Sing Your Song
  • 12. Murderous Dub

  • Chokey Taylor: Kaleidoscopes Prt2
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    BE Mann : Kaleidoscopes Prt2.
    The Reggae Songs. A Collection of twevle tracks, catagerised on the album in types of reggae music. Roots Rock Reggae, Vintage and Dancehall, Lovers Rock, and the final section of for is Dub. As a singer B.E. Mann commands the microphone to deliver diverse tones, smooth. mellow but hit the points. Understandable stories with classic rythems. Worth having in your collection as it will make you dance and smile and what else can you ask from a CD.

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