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Album Track Listings

  • Blood Medley
  • Blood Medley DUB
  • Eyes Of The Lord
  • Gentle Love
  • Gentle Love DUB
  • Grace And Mercey
  • Hail Him
  • Hes Worthy
  • Hide Away
  • I Praise You (Talkover)
  • I Praise You
  • Im Free
  • Im Free REMIX
  • Lord Your Good
  • My Jesus I Love Thee
  • Radical One
  • Rock Me

  • AUDREY GORDON: ...Still Waiting
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    Audrey Gordon : STILL WAITING.
    Audrey Gordon is a native of Jamaica who immigrated to Canada in 1990. Audrey's debut album '...Still Waiting' was released in October 2004. This seventeen track album is a humorous, versatile blend of inspirational, techno, traditional, roots and dancehall gospel reggae and soca music, with a unique presentation all of it's own.. Listen to the sample tracks.

    LISTEN SAMPLE TRACKS | He's Worthy |  | Hide Away |