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M-rock Holmes
M-rock Holmes

One of the most dynamic, prolific and underrated musicians/film makers/writers of this generation, to emerge from Queens, NY. M-rock Holmes is very similar to No Other. Whether it be his music or films, his work always reflects his "out of the box" way of looking at things.

Having graduated from the high school or Art & Design, receiving a certificate in digital filmmaking from the Hollywood Film Institute and earning a college degree in Hospitality Mgt., M-rock Holmes is not your typical "hip-hop" artist.

Not driven by being Popular but driven by freedom of creative expression. The very thing that got his CD "Male ego" shelved from it's mother record company; originally slated for release in 2004. Fastforward 2007, the CD is available in it's original demo form without the big label budget, polished recordings and promotion. Still, the mood of the CD remains. "Male Ego" covers topics like abusive relationships, politics, self esteem, love, orgies, wetdreams about Hollywood's leading ladies and poverty. Dabbling in musical styles from organic hip-hop, drum n bass, rock, reggae, neo soul to R&B. A CD of the Times.


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Mixed Dialects Entertainment, Inc Releases M-rock Holmes' "Male Ego" CD NY, NY - March 22, 2007

In the fall of 2006, Mixed Dialects Entertainment, Inc released the raw demo version of M-rock Holmes' CD "Male Ego" (originally shelved by its former parent label in 2004 do to creative conflict).

Despite the fact the CD's first singles "Hey baby boo" and "Mr. Ridah" were getting college radio airplay, despite the artist having a music video to "Mr. Ridah" shot & directed by one of Steven Spielberg’s understudies, despite the CD having tracks produced by some of the industry's hottest producers at that time, it's political content and the mixing of too many musical genres for the label to market, led to the CD being shelved and the label keeping it's polished version of "Male ego".

Fast-forward, March 3, 2007, M-rock Holmes' song "Unconventional" was requested by American Idol fans for Black Lewis to sing on American idol's blog. review: "While so many artists have chosen to stay clear of politics out of fear of poor record sales and airplay, it is a breath of fresh air to hear M-rock Holmes' Male Ego. Especially, tracks like "video game", "Soliloquy", the acoustic turntable Roots like jam "Mr. Ridah" and my favorite, the LL Cool J-ish "Just for you". Another thing I liked about this CD, besides it's risk in subjects, is the risk M-rock Holmes takes with his musical production; venturing into rock, drum n bass, R&B, reggae, old school rap and of course contemporary rap. This is a gem for fans of Outkast, Talib Kweli, Kaos, Common, Mos Def and the Roots."

Webpage: Location: Astoria, NY, USA
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