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One of the most popular magic shows, the Pirate Treasure Hunt is the best party choice for boys or girls of any age. After some silly yet amazing magic, everyone will go on a treasure hunt to find the pirate's gold.

For the younger birthday child, a pirate's parrot, on Inspector Magic's shoulder, sings "Happy Birthday," but the bird gets it mixed-up and thinks the party is for him as he sings "Happy Bird-day."

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Then, a real treasure chest is opened, but only has a clue telling the children where the treasure is. These clues lead us to some real fun magic, each clue tying the entire show together into a theatrical presentation.

A small pirate flag becomes huge and the birthday child helps make another flag by magic, with the help of some of their friends and an Oakland Raider Football player!

If the birthday child is 7 years or older, another clue leads us to the special illusion where we cut the birthday child in 2 (done very safely, but with loads of comedy).

Finally, another clue leads us to Houdini the bunny and the real treasure - coins and balloons for all the children.

This show has plenty of comedy suitable for all ages, and Inspector Magic often gets compliments from the parents, telling him that they enjoyed the show as much as the children.

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