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"Inspector Magic
turns education
into entertainment."

"The Children gasped.  It was magic!  But it was also educational, teaching the children about the environment and natural resources. This mixture of magic and consciousness-raising makes Inspector Magic a popular magician with schools and libraries. But Inspector Magic's style has also earned him the honor among his peers and the respect of educators."

Rob Blezard, Cape Cod Times, regarding the It's Magic, Naturally! Show.

Combining Entertaining
Amazing Magical illusions,
Astounding Ventriloquism,
Exciting Juggling, and
Wonderful Story Telling
with an emphasis on

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2002-2003 Show Program:

"Knowledge is Power," says Sir Isaac Newton, but "Imagination is More Important than Knowledge," says Albert Einstein. In the Run-Away Imagination Show, children will learn what these famous men said and meant and why imagination is so important.

Positive attitudes make happy children who excel in school and achieve higher test scores. Inspector Magic's entertaining educational school show promotes self-esteem, positive attitudes and goal setting so your children can succeed. Children learn that, with a little work, they can make their dreams come true. The program motivates students to believe in themselves and have the confidence to succeed at any endeavor they choose. Pictures come to life, a signed card materializes inside a balloon, a student becomes a super-hero, and all the students realize they are super-heroes when they make a rabbit appear!

Inspector Magic even sings while making sparks of light appear from within the children: "We all have sparks, imaginations. That's how our minds create creations. Right at the start of everything that's new, one little spark lights up for you. Imagination, imagination, a dream can be a dream come true, with just that spark in me and you1."    1 Journey into Imagination, Epcot Center.

Magic Class Teaching

Festivals Close-up Strolling Magic

All shows are fun, entertaining and guaranteed to captivate and enthrall the children while educating, informing and motivating them about the specific show topic. All shows include a "teacher's worksheet" to extend the fun and learning long after Inspector Magic has left. Other available shows include:

Magic Tricks for Safe Treats This highly acclaimed show has been presented at dozens of Pikes Peak area Daycares in the past. A big favorite in October, children will learn about Halloween safety and the right, safe way to trick-or-treat.

It's Magic, Naturally!  Inspector Magic earned a grant from the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program to help develop this show that instructs and educates the children, through magic, to make proper choices with regard to protecting our natural resources and pollution control and reduction.

Magic for Safety's Sake Inspector Magic was a Captain with a volunteer fire department. This was the first show he developed to teach children about safety on the playground, around strangers, bike riding and fire safety. This show has been highly recommended by professional police and fire officials.

Magic of Reading This humorous magic show has been performed at countless libraries. It helps open the world of reading to the children while educating them on the many different types of books that can be found in a library.

Magic of Sharing A great pre-school show that promotes sharing, use of manners, and cooperation.

Assembly Programs
Curriculum Enrichment
After-School Programs
Family Night Programs
Magic Classes/Workshops
School Fairs and Carnivals

Each show tailored to promote:
Positive Attitudes
Safety and Courtesy
Educational Enrichment
Compliments any classroom subject


"I think Inspector Magic has a good show. The librarians were very very high on him, and they really thought it was a very positive thing for the children to be having at that time: It's setting the stage for their learning career."

Paul Bradstreet, Brewster Elementary School Assistant Principal (Massachusetts), regarding the Magic of Reading show.

"Inspector Magic makes the world of magic come alive for children of all ages"

Cecile Minnich, Cheyenne Mountain Elementary Afterschool Program.

"Your show got rave reviews from students and parents! One mom told me that her kindergarten daughter rarely gets excited about anything but she could barely wait to get off the bus to tell her about the magic show."

Pam Skirvan, South Yarmouth Elementary School Enrichment Coordinator (Massachusetts)

"Wonderfully entertaining…kept their interest for hours. Excellent show. We'll have you back for summer camp, if not earlier."

Vicky Macgregor, Explorer Adventure Club

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