This show is perfect for children age 3 to 7. In the Wild West Magic Show, all the children get deputized to help catch the evil scaly-wag villain, Black Bart.

A road-runner, on Inspector Magic's shoulder, sings "Happy Birthday" to the birthday child, but the bird gets it mixed-up and thinks the party is for him as he sings "Happy Bird-day."

Then we begin to look for Black Bart at the corral and in the saloon as Inspector Magic demonstrates some quick draw magic with ropes and sarsaparilla bottles and playing cards.

But the posse gets hungry, so we mosey down to the chuck wagon for some vittles. Your child then magically makes a tasty birthday cake they get to keep!

We finally catch Black Bart, who ends up being Inspector Magic's white rabbit. This show works great for the 3 to 6 year olds.

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