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Nico's Harry Potter RPG

Nico's Harry Potter RPG
This is a virtual Hogwarts site based on Harry Potter, with a navigation structure based on the Marauder's Map.
Welcome to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry!On this RPG you navigate by using the map below just click where you want to go!We are very new rite now and we need students as well as teachers if you would like to join go to the great hall and click on the sorting ceremony!Also please go to the bottom of the site and vote for my site on the web rings PLEASE!

April 25th, 2004
Attention Everyone! This site has been down for almost a year now and yes I am planning to bring it back up but I will need mass members to join otherwise this wont work, If your still a loyal viewer of this site and your interested in joining again send me an e-mail and PLEASE teall all your friends to do the same. If you want this site up and running again sign up as soon as possible and I will get back to you. Thanks =)


CLICK HERE ~~~~~> | Diagon Alley | Vaults| <~~~~~ CLICK HERE
Broom Cupboard Filch's office The Trophy Room Classroom Hufflepuff Common Room The North Tower (Divination) The Tall Tower (Astronomy) Dumbledore's Office Ravenclaw Common Room The Library Prefect Bathroom Gryffindor Common Room Prof. McGonagall's Office Slytherin Common Room Snape's Office (Potions) The Kitchens Entrance Hall The Great Hall Meeting Chamber (Chat) Hospital Wing Quidditch Pitch The Owlery Greenhouses (Herbology) Hagrid's Hut (Care of Magical Creatures) Hogsmeade The Whomping Willow The Lake Forbidden Forest

Filch's Office Dumbledore's Office Trophy Room Classroom North Tower Tallest Tower Library
Prefect Bathroom Prof. McGonagall's Office Snape's Classroom Kitchens Entrance Hall The Great Hall Meeting Chamber
Hospital Wing Quidditch Pitch Owlery Greenhouses Hagrid's Hut Hogsmeade Whomping Willow
Lake Forbidden Forest Hufflepuff Slytherin Ravenclaw Gyffindor Vote

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