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Welcome to the 'Rogers Family Tree' Site. I have created this site in hopes that it will bring back wonderful memories to you and your family. Any family member who wishes to update pictures is welcome to do so. There is a link to the editor at the bottom of this page. If you E-mail me, (click on the envelope below) I will send you the account name and password so that you may update your family page. Also, If you make any changes, please send me an E-mail and let me know what changes that you have made, so that I may update my master records. Please do not change any other page without the permission of that family. If you do not know how html works, you may E-mail me pictures with the names and birth dates, and I will gladly update your page for you. I have created these pages from the pictures in my possession, some of which are not very good.

To view your family pictures, find the link below, and click on it. You may also click on the pictures from your families page, and if any information was available to me, it will take you to another page. Otherwise, it will just reload the same page.



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