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Guild Pictures


Bad Stats....Excelent HP and Mana

Big Lizzard....Small Wood Elf

Shilus in Black

Blue Boy

Aluamas Where He Belongs:)

Another Aluamas up to His Neck in Trouble

A Cool Dragon UI

Dragon UI Spell Book

Shilus Drunk

Shilus Very Drunk

Badly Named Dark Elf

The Badly Named Dark Elf

Road Kill?


Another Eserendil


Another Groukhan

Just Hanging Out

What a Name For a BP:)


Kicking It

Plane of Tranquility Entrance

Plane of Tranquility Outside of the Entrance

Laying Down on the Job

Not Eaten Yet!

Yes There is Only One on Each Server*cries*

Naggy Raid

Naggy Raid Being Wiped Out

Naggy Raid Really Being Wiped Out

A Nice Broken Drive Belt?

Nice Bracelet for.....Well....Everyone!

Nice Tankage Gloves

Nymph's Look Like Brownies With War Paint

Talk About Holding Up the Wall

Mean Dragon at the Wakening Lands Dragon Rings

Shilus Trying to Get Eaten

Yenslea and Bloodwisper in Paludal Caverns