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~about Estel: Hope~
Well in case you need an explanation on the title, Estel is a name given to Aragorn by the elves, and estel means hope. ^_^ that's what my title means!
Estel: Hope is an Aragorn fansite/fanlisting. I guess that's all you need to know. If you have any questions about anything, email me.

~about me!~
My name is Andrea and I'm 17 years old. I am a Christian. I'm obsessed with LotR and even more obsessed with Aragorn! ^_^ My favorite bands are Kutless, Creed, and P.O.D. I also like Lifehouse, Pillar, Relient K, Skillet, dctalk and Toby Mac. My fav tv show is none other than... SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!! (Patrick rocks!) The best NHL team of all times is the Detroit Red Wings! My favorite player was Dominic Hasek, but he retired recently. But he'll still be my fav, he was the best goalie ever! Steve Yzerman, the team captian, is my other favorite player. I have a pet turtle named Rex and a pet bunny rabbit named Daisy, I wuv them both!! I'm an artist and that's what i plan on being when i grow up. Just like Viggo! ^_^ My favorite sport is archery and I have my own combound bow, I love it and i'm good at it! Well that's my life. *shrugs* If you wanna chat, my aim address is Turtlegurl16

below are the lyrics to the song that's playing. (it's currently my favorite song)

Here's a chance to show you how I feel
A chance for you to see it's real
To see just what I feel inside and who it is that's by my side
I will never change my mind
Try to torch me and you'll find
You can't turn me or deter me
No matter how you try
You can't burn me

I know where I stand and what'll happen if you try it
I am fireproof
I know my heart and I just can't deny it
I am fireproof
I tried to tell you but you wouldn't be quiet
I am fireproof
I'll never bow down and you won't buy it
I am fireproof

Now you know what I'm all about
There's no chance I'll ever doubt
The only one who can control me
I extol the Almighty
You want me to put it on the line
And give yield to you this time
See but I won't compromise and I realize
It's my time to rise


You'll never take me in the fire
You'll never take my own desire




Toby Mac



Spongebob and friends!

The Spongebob Dance!

Detroit Red Wings logo

Dominic Hasek, former Red Wings goalie (I miss you Hasek!!!)

Hasek guarding the goal

Red Wings team captain, Steve Yzerman

McCarty, Hasek, and Maltby celebrate after Larionov scored in triple overtime to end game 3

Let's all run over the Refs! YEAH!!!

Nicklas Lindstom after he scored a goal


Hasek and Chelios dancing around when we won the stanely cup!

Group Hug!!!
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