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Estel: Hope

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Hello and Welcome to my Aragorn Fansite/listings! There's loads of stuff to do, so please don't hesitate to have a look around. :)

Members: 57

created 5-9-02

August Updates:

08-16-03 1 new member

08-04-03 1 new member

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07-28-03 1 new member

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07-17-03 1 new member!

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06-01-03 5 new members! yay!

May Updates:

05-21-03 Woah, it's been exactly a month since i updated. well i can't really update if nobody joins. I guess I could give it a new layout, like maybe put it in frames or somethin. but it'll take a lot of work. if there's somethin u want me to change or make, put a comment in the chatterbox or the guestbook, or just email me. thanks


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more days till Lord of the Rings: Return of the King!

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