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Welcome to Elf Lovers Unite! As you can tell, this is a site dedicated to the elves out there. I hope you take a look around, and really enjoy everything. Feel free to contribute as well, your work and oppinions are important!
Well, its been about a year and half! Thanks to everyone who has visited and joined. There is so much I am going to do to this site,and things are really starting to roll! Always feel free to talk to me about anything you need to say, you guys are the best! Stay tuned cause there are big changes up ahead for you elf lovers!

If you would like to receive updates about when new elf stuff is added, then email
me with something about updates in the subject box and I will do that for you!

Updates: January 5, 2005!!! WOW it really has been a long time. I didn't know that people still came to this site. I decided to update because I was sent some information on Elrond's wife, Celebrian! Check it out!

UPCOMING CHANGES: Will probably be doing a page on Elrohir and Elladon. Fan fic and art are ALWAYS welcome and much needed as I will be working on the site at least monthly from now on.

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I'm elf-obsessed

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Allrighty, this is the legal discalaimer should all know that I don't own any of these characters etc and this site is just for fun, and I swear that I'm not making money out of it at all! Of course my original characters are copyright me so don't even think about it!!!!