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The role of the dominant to each type of submissive

Each type of submissive requires different skills and abilities from her dominant. One which often goes unmentioned is the dominant's ability to "carry off" the "act of domination". This is being able to present himself and act in such a way that the submissive can both feel comfortable giving up control to him and also feel him taking it up. Some try to be dominants but cannot carry it off--they may appear comical instead of authorative for example. In any case, this ability can be either innate or learned, but must be present in all dominants. The immediate submissive requires, above all, a dominant who is physically skilled at BDSM. Ie., he must be aware of safety techniques, be skilled at bondage, flogging, whipping, waxing, etc. It is often the case that variety of techniques is the key to the success of this type of dominant. Also good acting skills and imagination are important where the submissive requires fantasy to support their act of submission. These skills are not skills that require emotional understanding or support of the submissive. They are plain and simple S&M and role-playing skills. "One-night stands" are possible and likely with this type of dominant. The psychological submissive and the slave require someone who is capable of creating in them the feelings of trust that let them open up and experience their act of submission at a more emotional and spiritual level. This dominant for these types of submissive need not be so gymnastic as that for the immediate submissive, nor must he be so capable at so many techniques. Instead he must be capable of understanding and supporting the submissive, and of providing the PDR for the specific acts of submission that satisfy the submissive. These two types of submissives generally don't look for a wide range of techniques from their dominant. They find their satisfaction more in the depth of the experience rather than the breadth. The dominant for these submissives must generally be capable, and interested, in sustaining an emotionally or spiritually intimate relationship with the submissive in the long-term. This allows the deep trust to develop which is required for the submissive's surrender, at least within the act of submission. The dominant required by the slave has a different focus than that of the psychological submissive's. The slave's dominant is looking to apply the PDR to satisfy the slave'sneed. There may be no recreational or pleasure element in the activity, or if there is it often must be considered as secondary to the primary need-satisfaction goal. The psychological submissive likely receives more pleasure from the activity than the slave and therefore the dominant's role and focus is less business-like, more pleasure-oriented and more emotionally intimate than the slave's. Because the slave experiences a need and not simply a desire, the dominant must be more responsible and recognise his duty to the slave to satisfy that need.

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