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Here is the policy on ranks of the guild:

First off, all members of the guild keep the ranks of their own clans. The only person that has the power to change their rank in that clan is the leader of that clan.

Also, remember that here at the Drakan Guild, you are not required to display a tag showing that you are in the guild. If you do wish to bear a guild tag, it should be something like "{DG}." Here are some acceptable ways to display the tag:

{DG} Your Name [Clan Tag]
[DG] Your Name [Clan Tag]
DG Your Name [Clan Tag]
[Clan Tag] Your Name *DG*
[Clan Tag] {DG} Your Name [Clan Tag]
[Clan Tag] Your Name ~DG~ [Clan Tag]

You can make the tag pretty much however you want to. Be creative! You can be in more than one clan and display their tags on your name if you want to, provided that the leaders all agree that you can. Again, a tag for the guild is not required in the screen name.

We have not devised a system for ranks within this guild beyond this- Drakan Guild council members are top rank, and all others are the lower rank.

If a more detailed system becomes necessary, then me and the rest of the council will discuss it and come up with a solution. I will then edit this page, and give a notification on the current events page.