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Should you decide that you wish to join the Drakan Guild, first remember that there is a policy in which you should review thoroughly that must apply to all clans and members of the guild.

First, there is a guild council. These people are simply the leaders of each of the clans that are part of the Drakan Guild. They must vote on specific concerns in order to make decisions. The members of the clans, or the guild, may turn to these people for counciling, training, advice, et cetera. These people must lead a good example for the rest of the guild.

All members of this guild must be honorable during battle. Using excessive runes, killing other players who are typing, using speed and other cheats, using improper language, stalking, and speaking mistruths shall not be tolerated.

If a member of the Drakan Guild does not act according to this policy, then the clan leader must make a decision to punish them or even disown them from the clan or guild. If a member of the council disobeys the rules of the guild, the rest of the members of the council must vote on a punishment for the clan leader. If they decide to exile that person, all of the members of that clan leave the guild as well.

If someone decides to join the guild on their own, then they answer to me as their councilor and superior. All members of the guild must obey and respect all council members, even if it is not their leader or superior. If you wish to leave the guild, please e-mail me and the rest of the council as a notification. If you wish to join the council, or guild, please e-mail me.

Please note that I reserve the right to allow anyone to join the guild that I want. I also reserve the right to disown ANY member or clan in which I feel is leading a bad example or is not a good asset to the guild.