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Cheats and Hints

Developer Mode

To enter the developer mode, you must press shift when you start Drakan. This makes the Riot Engine Options dialogue box appear. You must go to the Developer tab and check the developer mode box. Afterwards, Click the Okay button, and the game will load in developer mode. Once it opens, you can go to any level you want without loading, including multiplayer levels and pcls. Also, the graphics at the beginning are skipped.

Once you are in a game, push the "\" button on the keyboard. Now you can type in the cheat codes. The cheat codes that you can use are:

This is Fly mode
(you must push it again to get out of floy)

This places Rynn in the place where the floy screen is.

Puts view onto nearest enemy

Gets rid of all fog

Opens everything that is openable, even if locked, that is close to Rynn

Speed x
Replace x with a number- the higher, the faster the game goes

Changes field of view, replace x with number

Kills all enemies close to Rynn

Debug On
Enables debug mode

Debug Off
Disables debug mode

Clears text when debugging

Gimme x
Replace x with item name, gives any item in the game

Here is a list of items in the game that you can get using the gimme command(not all work, or don't work unless you are in the area where it is found in the game):

Health Elixir
Potion of Life
Great Sword
Battle Axe
Battle Hammer
Altir's Mace
Sword of Flame
Ice Hammer
Sword of Ice
Lightning Axe
Long Sword
Mithril Great Sword
Mithril Axe
Fire Boomerang
Mithril Hammer
Mithril Long Sword
Mithril Mace
Magic Scimitar
Magic Short Sword
Short Sword
Speed Scimitarv
Mourn Bringer
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Invulnerability
Flaming Sword
Long Bow
Lightning Crystal
Fire Crystal
Ice Crystal
Plate Mail
Banded Mail
Dragon Armor
Rift Crystal
Bell Hammer of Alwarren
Rune Cage Key
Scale Mail
Chain Mail
Tunnel Entrance Key
Crusher Room Key
House Key
Studded Leather
Storage Rune
Elemental Amulet
Flaming Arrows
Poison Arrows
Explosive Arrows
Energy Bow
Energy Arrow Quiver
Energy Bow Key
Goblin Access Key
Mithril Throwing Axe
Ice Arrows
Mithril Throwing Hammer
Jail Key
Dark Scimitar
Magic Arrows
Potion of Invulnerability Bronze
Potion of Invulnerability Gold
Potion of Invulnerability Dark
Heavy Bow
Speed Bow
Heron's Crystal
Tuiri's Soul Crystal
Dragon Armor Rune
Lava Rune
Succubus Mirror
Mystic Key
Atimar's Blade
Dead Man's Key
Rune of Stone
Grungle's Hammer

Options Menu

There are many things that you can do to improve your gaming experience, ranging from tactics to gameplay settings.

First, it would be best to set Drakan to tell you your current Frames Per Second (FPS). To do this, Double Click on the Drakan icon and press and hold shift. Then a window will come up and you should go to the same tab that you used to enable developer mode. there, there are many things you can select to have enabled automatically when you start Drakan. Select the Frame Rate one and press Okay. Then when you are in game, the Riot Engine will display the current Frames Per Second in the top righthand corner. The higher the famerate is, the better the game will look. Also, the only way to really make the framerates better is to get a better video card.

Under the gameplay options when you are in the Riot Engine, there are four "tabs" that you can go to. The first one is keyboard, mouse, and joystick settings. Under this you can change what keys do what, for instance, Forward is E on default. If you click on it and press a different key, such as C, then that key will become bound to Forward.

On the second tab, there are other options such as Freelook with Rynn. These can be enabled and disabled to make gameplay more convenient. There are also several joystick options to make the joystick easier to control for you.

On the third tab is the Graphics options. Here, you can change the Fog Distance, et cetera. The farther you set the Fog Ditance, the slower the game will go. The same goes with every option in the graphics options. There is also a Gore Level that you can change. The options are None, Some, and Excessive. If you set it to none, you can set a password that locks it at none so that it can't be changed without that password. This is useful if you do not want your children to be exposed to excessive violence. You might want to be careful with some of these settings, because they could mess up Drakan.

On the fourth tab, there is the Sound Options. The first slider is the Master Volume control. Move it to the right and the music will get louder to the percent of your computers volume settings. If you move it all the way to the left, the sound is set to 0% of your computers sound volume. if you move it all the way to the right it is 100% of the computer's sound volume. This can be useful if you want Drakan to be quieter than the rest of your computer. The second slider is the Music Volume control. The same concept applies. It is set to a certain percentage of the Master Volume.

Gaming Hints

If you truely want to become skilled at this game, you must learn to use the combos efficiently. They should be used more than the basic attack, but the basic attack still has its uses. You must learn what attack is the most appropriate for each situation, and what is the best counter for each attack. One of the most useful things that you need to learn to do is block when you are attacked. Blocking absorbs damage, so you don't die as quickly.

In order to successfully do a combo, you need to tap the keys one after the other. Do not hold them down for any long periods of time. Treat them as though you are typing- if you hold down the buttons while you type, it repeats the letter until you let go. Here is a list of attacks, and how much damage they do ("*" indicates that you must hold down the button for the combo to work):

Alternative Attack

Basic Attack
Primary Attack

Right Swing
Left Strafe* + Primary Attack

Left Swing
Right Strafe* + Primary Attack

Forward + Primary Attack

360 Attack
Reverse + Forward + Primary Attack

Reverse 360 Attack
Left Strafe + Forward + Primary Attack

Sidestep Stab
Right Strafe + Forward + Primary Attack

Backward Slash
Forward + Reverse + Primary Attack