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September 9, 2002- So it's Monday. Most people hate Mondays. But right now, I'm loving them. I mean Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are awesome, I go to class for 50 mins and then I'm done. And it's a class I actually like. So I guess I'll fill you in on my glorious weekend. Actually, there isn't anything glorious about it, but it wasn't bad...really. Saturday I woke up early because I went to bed around 8:30 the night before. I went out to breakfast with my parental figures and then we went to check out the status of the new house. They still haven't started it. So then my mom tells me I'm going to work with her. No problem. I go to work with her, talk with Naomi a bit and start reading my Humanities chapter. Piece of cake. Get home, we tell dad to be ready to do something at 2 pm. He says fine. We finally get his ass in the car so we could go to this furniture store and he throws a tempertantrum pissing off both my mother an I. Mom didn't want to deal wit him so she turned the car around. (Shit psycho boy just walked into the computer lab). I went home, pissed off at him as all hell because everytime he wants to do something, we do it. But as soon as someone else wants to do something, he gets in a pissy mood. I don't know if it's because he always got his way as a child or what, but it ticks me off. So I close myself off in my room, clean it up a bit and then fall asleep for a few hours. That was virtually my whole Saturday. Sunday morning I wake up. You know what Sunday mornings mean. No, not church. Football. That's right, yesterday was the kickoff date for the football season. And, being a season ticket holder, I attended the game. Colts vs. Jaguars. It was an okay game, better than the preseason ones. Thank God. Get home, play Majohng (or however you spell it, that games rocks) and then go outside to watch Aaron, Dusty, Justin, Scott, Anthony, Matt, some boy named Mike and Desmond play football against all these black guys. Now, I'm not racist or anything, but those guys made me loose respect for the black community. Can't really type much more about that. So I'm hanging out on the "sidelines" with Marcella and Olivia, getting bit to pieces by mosquitos. Go in because it's dark, I'm tired and hungry. Go to sleep. Now it's Monday morning. 6:40 AM wake up for school. I stumble out of bed and almost put on the same shorts I wore yesterday (sleepy stupidity, what can I say?) And then I see the huge freakin black creature resting or dead on my shorts. "What the fuck is that?" I ask Cricket and Molly. Being cats, they didn't respond. So I bust into my moms room to see if my dad is still home, he isn't. Go outside to see if Andrew is outsdie. He isn't. My mom asks me what's wrong over and over again so I finally show her. I bring a ziplock bag with this ugly creature in it. She says it's a slug. Great. So I'm all worried about Lyme Disease and she tells me she thinks it sucks my blood. That is that last time I'm stitting in the Chinese people's yard. Arg.