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September 24, 2002- So it's raining out. Raining raining raining. Thank God I'm always prepared and carry and umbrella in my bookbag at all times...it's an even better thing that it's Tuesday, because I only bring my bookbag on T day's. So I walk my happy makeup-less ass to the computer lab to seek refuge from the downpour and in the mean time, my legs manage to get soaking wet. If I wanted too, I could drain my flip flops into a pot and put it on the stove and have spaghetti for lunch. That's how soaked they are. Rain is such a marvellous thing, you can shower in it, drink it and cook with it. I think I'm going to market it or something, make a killing. So anyhow, since I knew it was raining I didn't bother to do my makeup. So, lets just say I'm not looking my best today. Ah well, I guess I could care less. Although...I should care. Mom says I have to make my own friends and stop hanging out with the guys in the neighborhood. Meh.