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September 15, 2002- Scott Jerry-rigged the keyboard, so we can now type at home...which means I can update more often. Weekend was good. Lets see...Friday night we started putting things into the storage shed that we rented. Saturday morning-afternoon we loaded more stuff (4 trips with, 3 trucks each trip). Afterwards, went to the Dollar Store/Wal*mart with Matt, Justin and Dusty. Hung out there made asses of ourselves and came home. Ashley came over, went back to Wal*Mart. Had fun. Then we went Cosmic Bowling which was fun (Matt, Scott, Ashley, Justin, Dustin, Chris and Aaron and I were all there). After that we went to the mall and hung out there. I bought a Gary ring and on Friday I bought a talking spongebob toy with Gary standing behind SpongeBob. I think soon, there's going to be a SB Layout coming....I feel it coming....oh yeah. Then Today, hung out with my mom in Madarin. Played on here. That's it. Found a new forum. Taylorhanson.org. Been going to the site for forever now, and I finally decided to be cool and post there too. That's all for now, don't really have much time to post. *Muah*