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October 15, 2002- Arg, I've been so wrapped up in my damn Pocahontas Paper that I've not really had much time to do anything else. Between that and babysitting, I'm busy busy busy. Of course I did manage to have enough time to blow half of my paycheck on Friday. The joys of shopping. But now the paper is done. Mom says it's my worst one yet, and my dad thinks it's great. I wish I had another opinion before it's turned in. My mom told me flat out that now that I'm in college I need to be more serious with my papers. The thing is, all throughout High School I was serious and now that I'm in college I have no boundaries and I can literally express myself on paper. I love to write and it just so happens that I write some killer essays. Hopefully my teacher will get my wit just like Professor Lany did. Maybe she'll see the light. Oh who knows. And then I've got a damn Psych test on Thursday which I should have studied for tonight but Uncle Brad was in town for the night and I had to babysit Noelani and plus it was a "New Detectives" and "Real World" night so I was busy. Then I had to come on here and type my paper up. Dilemma's, let me tell you. GRRR I hate psychology.