November 10, 2002- So new Layout. Called Lonesome Kicker. Picture is my Bryan, words are Adam Sandlers. Yada Yada Yada. Couldn't find Bryan in his Skins uniform, which is just as well. We played him tonight. We won. Big Time. I have a weird family. I feel you should know this. Actually, I just need something to write about. We'll go down one by one, chronologically.

(1) My dad has this huge anxiety problem. Anytime you say "Dad" he yells what. It's comical at times, but at others it's aggrivating.

(2) Mom- Today she brough Bailey home a vest. This is her first vest. It's a tech vest. Reverisible. Cute. No biggie, lots of people get their dogs clothes and she did it because it's getting cold out. The vest has pockets. That bothers me.

(3) Scott got bored at the game and decided to dred his leg hair. Very scary. He also has a habit of just sitting on the phone not talking.

(4) Justin is by far the weirdest of us all. I mean, I'm strange, yes, but...he lit his pubic hairs on fire. He sprays cologne on his hand and lights it on fire. He's insane. He's gone through 5 bottles in like 3 months. It's crazy. Why would anyone do this?