March 5, 2003- So I've picked up scrapbooking again. Got some pretty cool stuff. I've already finished my graduation page and 2 of my camping pages. It keeps me content. My Aunt is driving me crazy. She leaves on Friday. Um...Tummy is still sick. Last night I was at JoAnn Fabrics with my mom and Missy and I had to pee, so I went. In the bathroom. When I came out I realized how red my cheeks were. They looked like...umm...cherries. That's the only red thing I can think of right now. Ya'll won't believe who I just saw. This is so weird I just looked at a picture of him like..yesterday. I just saw Danny. Danny is this guy I went to school with, Danny is the reason I applied at Taco Bell. Danny's a druggie, but isn't looking too bad these days. Not that I'm interested. Oh, so one of my first graders came up to me on Monday and said "Miss Michelle, my mom looked at my hair last night and says I have head lice. She told me to tell you to find out who I got it from." I was like Hell no. I'm not doing that you damn psycho child you and your hoochie of a mama need to go on somewhere else. I just said "Go sit down Alesha." What the hell was I supposed to say. Man I am so broke. I hate being poor. This paycheck was like...I don't know 246 or something like that. I owed my mom $240 this month because my cell phone bill was so high. How shitty is that? I'm broke. Poor. Have nothing. Justin's birthday is coming up on the 9th. It's a good thing his present was bought back in Thanksgiving. That's right baby day after Thanksgiving Sale. Oh yeah. He's had his present for forever now. Hell Scott has one of his presents already and his birthday isn't until May. That's just how I am I guess. For some reason on my thigh bone is not connecting to my hip bone on my computer. Lost? Well the freakin computer can't find my digital camera whatever the hell that means so I can't upload any of the pictures. Not that I have the internet at home to post them anyway, but ya know, I could save a few on a disk and post them 3 days a week on here until they are all posted. But like...for real I have over 320 on my camera. What can I say, I love taking pictures. So on Monday two of my classes were canceled, don't know if I shared that already. But it was great. Umm...okay. Guess I need to head to class, I have this story to read before Lit and this looks like this is the only time I have to do it. Hasta.