March 24, 2003- Man has a lot of stuff happened since I blogged last or what? My scatterbrained ideas before SB seem miniscule compared to what's going on in the Middle East. I feel ashamed that I was even entertaining those ideas. I was listening to Lex and Terry this morning, as I do every morning on my way to school, and they said that the Canadians boo'd our nat'l anthem when it was played at a hockey game up there last week. How rude is that? Lex and Terry say it's because they are born Canadian's and they can't help being French. That's still no excuse. How many times have we saved their asses? Plenty. Screw Canada man. Screw Canada. I guess none of this is important because we're off killing people in Iraq. Man I've become completely obsessed with the war. In fact, I would take catnaps with the news still going in the background so that I wouldn't miss Shock and Awe. I was glued to the tv until that day. When I showered, a TV was on the counter, when I was on the computer, a TV was beside me. I would only go downstairs to grab something to eat if the all clear siren had just gone off. I'm obsessed with this war. It's insane. I swear the news ticker on the bottom has hypnotized me. I saw the saddest thing though, See I'm flipping between BBC, Fox News and CNN, and I can't quite remember which one showed it, probably Fox News, but these little Israeli children were going to school carrying gas masks. Can you imagine how scary that is? Knowing that at any second you could be inhaling your next breath? That's some crazy shit man. And how about that soldier dude that rolled gernades into a tent. What's up with that? Man needs to be hung or executed or publically humiliated or something, that's not cool. Haze him, yeah that's it. I'm just discusted by what's going on. And I'm torn, I mean yeah I think we need to go in there and free these oppressed people, kill Osama, but at the same time this "convential" bombing that we're doing is crazy. Even though it's "precision bombing" and we're supposedly not targeting residential areas, innocent people's lives are being taken. Not everyone over there wants to be freed. I think we should just take like half the country or something and set it aside as a democratic society. But then again, why do we feel we have the right to go into another country and change their way of life? We have had the idea that everyone in the world wants to be like us for years. Hell, the British are the same way. When they came to the New World they tried converting everyone to Christianity, to make them little Brits. If we didn't tolerate that from them, what makes us think the Iraqis will tolerate it from us? Whoa, I think I just made a pretty good point there. Yes they are oppressed, yes they suffer from the wrath of their leader, but whose duty is it to lead this revolution? Is it ours? The American's who are half a world away? That region is a complete and total mess, there's constantly something going on there, do we actually think that our coalition can stop that? People have been fighting for peace in the middle east, yet in order to do so we're causing warfare. That part that amazed me is the video tape where they were trying to guess if it was Sudam or not. I thought it was from the begining, I will always think it was. They say he was visably shaken, no shit, if you had a coalition of over fourty countries searching for your ass and wanting you dead, wouldn't you be scared too? Yeah, I think so. On that note I'm done.