March 12, 2002- So my paycheck got settled, I had to go downtown today. That was interesting. I actually knew exactly where to go, it just took me a u-turn to get there. Not bad. And then, on the way home I wasn't sure if I should take 95N or 95S because I think both lead towards my house, I took 95N missed my exit on Union to cross the river so I ended up taking 95N to Hecksher which came out by the freakin' zoo and drove down the road until 9A before making my way home. But, hey I didn't have problems really. I was able to find my way. I was in San Marco today, what a beautiful place. I think over Spring Break I might hang out over there for a day. Beautiful. So I missed Algebra today, but I am going to my other classes, which is very good. Ya'll should be proud because I was thinking about not coming. Long story short, I should get paid on Friday. Which means like 2 paychecks in two days. Sweetums. So ya'll like the layout I put up the other day. I think it's cute. I didn't make it, I just customized it to my needs. Don't worry I didn't steal it or anything. I promise. Umm...I guess that it's, I can't think about anything else to write. Hasta.