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July 30, 2002- Typically when I am on the computer I am bundled up in a blanket. My purple heavy one. I love being warm. But not tonight. Tonight I am warm. Too warm. I actually feel clamy. I hate feeling clamy. I have a headache and I haven't really been eatching much at all, infact today I ate my first meal in 3 days. I did eat the other days, but just barely. This is good though, I am a sophomore now, I need to loose that freshman twenty pounder. My head is freakin' killing me and my pinky is hurting, still. The only reason I'm blogging is because Justin told me I had to. Tomorrow they are all going to Adventure Landing. I'm not going. I decided that earlier. I haven't been feeling well, plus I'm on the rag so I couldn't enjoy the waterpark, where they will spend 1/2 of their time. So, I'm going to relax at home. Feel free to visit me. Hasta.

Justin: "I just saw the face of a god. His name is Brian Kinney."