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July 21, 2002- Friday, while I was at Adventure Landing exiting to pit area for the Go Karts the gentleman that was racing behind me tapped me on my shoulder. He said, "Young lady, I'm very impressed with your driving. That was really good back there." Well buddy, you would have been really impressed yesterday. We left the house around 9:20 and headed down for Orlando. Around 10:30 we stopped at a Steak 'N Shake for breakfast/lunch. Justin and I hard double steak burgers b/c we had free coupons for them, and we shared a chocolate shake. Caitie got french toast. I realized I had forgotten how much of a slow eater she is. I warned her she wasn't taking it into my car, and she had better hurry up or I would leave her. We waited for her to eat. I gave her 5 minutes from that point. Justin and I went to go pay her bill and she's still sitting there at the table. The girl didn't have enough money. So Justin and I helped pay for it. So that fiasco put us way back and I had to haul ass to make her flight *there was no way in hell I would let her miss it and get stuck with her*. So, I ended up hitting 84 MPH for a short bit. Not bad. My record high. We made it down to the Orlando airport on time--sorta and it was a bitch to find parking there. We did. Then the map at the airport that says how to get from the garage to the main building was very confusing. So Justin and I had a little fun with it. We walked up and down a few flights of stairs and then Caitie threw a tempertanrum. That little brat. I don't know if it's that she hasn't been taking her medicine or whatever, but I wanted to strangle the brat then and there. We finally get inside and she's walking like 150 feet behind us. Fine, you stay back there, I don't care. I got in line. She proceeds to tell me it's not the right line. I get out and show her the signs "baggage check in" and "first class priority" sorry Caitie you're wrong, daddy didn't fly you first class and you have a carry on. I get back in the line and she's still arguing that it's the wrong line. Justin went off to find us a drink. I asked an employee and she ended up bumping us up in line all the way to the head because Caitie was an unaccompanied minor and because we were running a little late because the hoebag was being slow all day. SO we get up there, Justin's sick of her whining so he carries her bag, get passed security (they let Justin slip on by) and they ask for permission to search Caitie. Hell yeah, go ahead. They did. She was clean *duh* so we went to the gate. We waited 10 minutes then she boarded. After that, things didn't get anybetter. I think she cursed my car or something. My mom gaves us $20, right? 10 went to gas, like 4 went to Steak 'N Shake, 2 went to a drink in the airport, 1 went to a toll road and then 3 went for parking. We were officially out of money and I didn't have enough gas to get back home. I didn't even have enough money to get on the toll road to get back home. I had to spend my freakin' lucky silver dollar to get on the toll road. At least they accepted it. Then I called my dad let him know we were on the way and that I was in deep shit. My mom found out and met me at, coincidently Daytona USA. It's not a coincidence that we met there--it's just it was that particular building. The whole day was nothing but a race, and my car was parked just near the finish line of the Daytona Speedway. Mommy came and rescued me, got my gas and we drove home...in the rain. What a way to end the day. Geez. ly 13,2002- "Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back?" I am! Weoging. I left off on the 4th- I don't really have a day-by-day itinerary or anything but I can give you the cliff notes version for now, and give the the full version in about a week or so. Camping was fun, pretty interesting. To say the least. I guess that's about all you can say when you throw 3 families together in a tight area. But everything worked out in the end. We did everything from tubing, to taking a day trip to Highlands, to hiking, and mining. And, as usual, I took lots of pictures. Well, that's my blog for now. Not that exciting, but just enough to hold you over. Hasta!

Y Michelle