February 26, 2003- Ick I'm so sick. I feel so weak, I was just walking down the stairs and it felt as though my legs were going to snap. I wish I could have just stayed in bed, but I've missed too much class already due to all of this. It sucks, my acids are off, my ankles, back and kidneys are all sore, I feel dizzy, I threw up yesterday, it's just been a mess. At least the more gruesome stuff is over and done with. So I have four papers that I'm turning in today. And I think all of them are late, because of my sickness. We got our big screen delivered on Friday for the theatre room. It's pretty sweet. Missy arrives tomorrow. Zit on my nose. Wishing I had some Rolaids or Malox Quick Dissolves. Thinking about Josh lately for some reason. Saw his sister at Golden Coral. Feeling ill. Poor. The whole deal. I guess I'm wallowing in self pity, actually no I'm not. But, hey lets pretend I am. Think I have gas coming on. Yay. Ick. Blah. Bye.