February 21, 2003- at least I think it's the 21st. I don't really know at this point. Okay so check this out. Thursday the 13th I woke up at the asscrack of dawn and drove out to Mayport. I hung out at my mom's for like 2 freakin' hours. Justin departed for school and my mom, Virginia, Jeff, Stacey, Mary, Emma, Tara and Bruce all jumped into a big ole white van with only front seats. We were like freakin' immigrants being smuggled into the country yo. So, since they have VIP passes we get to drive up right by the piers. Key word is THEY have VIP. Not Michelle. So I'm all freakin' out because I'm not on the lists and don't have a little tag thing or any of the certified stuff. Well I didn't seem to matter. We stood in line behind a bunch of men and women from the JFK but someone flagged us over to the VIP gate. They scanned our belongings, we walked through a metal detector and we were in. BINGO. Hey and I didn't even have to get my eyes scanned. They were supposed to scan my eyes and I really wanted to do that too. Like in the movies. But...yeah see that didn't happen. So mom had VIP because she was in charge of the food for consessions. So I helped her set up for a little bit. Had a very brief and awkward conversation with Jeff...like it lasted 5 seconds. Damnit. Anyhow I don't want to talk about him. He's not the man of the hour. Hell he's not the man of the week or month either. So..umm...okay so I help set up and then I go beyond the gates to where the stage was. I was able to wiggle my way through the crowd and got right next to the baracades, where I found out from Master Chief Battles that he would be exiting this way. So, there I stood for about 3 and a half hours, maybe 4. My legs were sore, I was getting tired, hot, and not feeling very well. While I waited for him, I spoke with Master Chief's wife, who is also in the navy. I found out that he got decorated because one of his shipmates fell overboard while a little tipsy in Ecquador and he jumped overboard (after removing his wallet haha) and kept homeboy buoyant until they could send down a rope to save them. How kick ass is that? So Airforce One flies overhead. No nobody was throwing any shoes. We were all there to hear the President. That's right the President. Okay so Jeb Bush, that would be George W.'s brother and our Govenor, spoke, some **** Admiral (That's a 4 star to those of you who didn't get the *) spoke and introduced him. George W. came walkin' down and gave this pretty good pep talk/speech and then it happened. Okay first let me say I found this way hot secret service agent who looks like Ben Affleck. Yummy!!!! But he's married so back to another screwable man, Mr. President. So he comes by and guess what? The man shook my hand. I was like "How are you doing Mr. President?" How sweet is that? I got some really good pictures but as yo umay have guessed we still don't have the internet at home. I actually have some on a disc from Wal*Mart and I was going to post them today, but I have neither the time, energy or the disc. Hm....sucks, eh? But fo' real yo I will post them. It takes time, that's all Mac Daddy. Umm...okay I'm bouncin'. Hasta Pasta.