February 10, 2003- Well hot damn, look who decided to blog. Ya'll I have been so damn busy, you have no idea. The only reason I'm able to blog is my College Algebra was canceled, we didn't find out until the 15 minute rule was 2 minutes from being in play. Lets see, we moved into the house on the first, and for anyone who's had to move in the past, you know what that's like. My room still isn't finished being unpacked. I had these two boxes full of the little stuff. The stuff you don't really want to unpack. Well, I knocked one of those outta the way this weekend, but one more still remains. I have no freakin' time to myself. Today for instance, is Monday, so I have classes at 9, 10, 11 and 12. I get out of my 12 o'clock at 1:15, I eat lunch on the way to work. I have to be there by 2, stay 'til 6. From there I go to Noelani's to babysit her until about 8:30 which puts me at home at around 8:45. By the time I get there I eat, shower, do a little homework and go to bed. Wednesdays and Friday's aren't as bad because I only have school and work, no babysitting. And then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't have school, so in the mornings I do homework until 1:40ish when I have to leave for work. Of couse weekends aren't so bad. I mean considering I'm a loner, the things I do on the weekends are typically family planned. Usually shopping with my mom or what-not. So Grandpa is down here, he's been down for a while. Nana came down on like Thursday and leaves on Wednesday. Aunt Missy comes down the 27th. And then, here's the killer. Freakin' Margot and Greg are coming. Now I know you guys don't know who they are, so let me break it down for you. Margot is my mom's ex-assistant who moved to Texas with her bastard hormonal Aussie husband. I can't stand the man. When I was like 13, I weighed 105 pounds, actually probably less than that, we were up in NC with them at my Nana's and the bastard (Greg for those of you who lost me) called me fat. Not only did Margot get on him, my mom and nana did as well. And for those of you who know me know that I hate people without table manners. Well, no offence to Aussie's or anything but every one that I have encountered has slurpped their food, which i something I don't handle too well. Arg. And to top it off, not only is he coming, he's staying at the house, with us, in the the guestbedroom. Ahhh I mean yea we have a big house, and there's plenty of room for them, but I don't think there's enough room in the world to keep me jumping on him. Respect your elders blah blah blah. I absolutely loathe that man. And to top it all off, he wants my mom really really bad. ICK as you can tell I'm overjoyed that the end of the month is coming. Other than that nothing really has happened, Dustin, his Ashley, Anthony, Matt and Aaron all came over our second night in the house. That was interesting. Ummm....I guess that's it for now. Oooh one more thing, lotsa pictures have been taken but for some reason I'm having problems loading them onto the computer from my cam. Will desperately try to post those within the next 4 months. Okay? Buh-bye.