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August 8, 2002- So work didn't start off too bad. The kids began for, oh say the first 15 minutes. Then they went crazy. We were in the cafeteria again. Christian added another damn word to his vocabulary "Mama" he calls me mama. He calls Diana Mama. It's crazy. And as for Samuel, lets just say he knows more Spanish than he does English. The boy barely knows English, so I've been conversing with a 3 year old in Spanish. Joshua tried copying everything Christian and Samuel were doing, they were being little shits. And Jeremiah was well behaved, he kept to himself and played really well. I gave my Kindergarten/First grade group the talk. Let them know that if they behave I'm nice, if they misbehave, I'm mean. My first graders all know that because they had me last year. Hopefully things will go more smoothly. At least I'm not the only one with Pre-K troubles. Marianne even told me they were going to try to do away with the Pre-K program. Hopefully, that will happen very very soon.