Beyond The Picket Fence Version 10.0- Versace Britney

August 5, 2002- I feel as though my stomach is eating away at itself. Perhaps that's not a bad thing though. I hate being big now. I think it's time for a crash diet or something. It's strange, while we were camping and while Uncle Brad, Aunt Vickie, Jonathan and Brad were here, I didn't eat all that much. In fact I skipped several meals simply because I wasn't hungry. But now, I've got my appetite back. Perhaps I'll go on my water diet again. All I know is that I have to do something. I don't know what I weigh anymore because the scale is in the garage. I don't even think I want to know. This is the biggest I've ever been and I'm not too fond of it. GRRR I need to get back under 120 again. I'd love to get back to 105, that's my ideal weight. Skinny. Of course when I loose my weight my hoo hoo's will shrink down to a c, maybe even a b. No more d's...ah well.

I've decided that if my parents go to NC again next year I'm not going. I'm going to take classes next summer if that's the case. But if they are going to Maine, then I'm going with them. I want to go there so bad.

Ms. Bowles called me this morning. I went up there, signed my time sheet. Diana and I have a pre-K class together from like 1 to 2:45 and then I have a first grade class from like 3 to 6. So I have my kindergarteners again this year. *Yeah*