April 10, 2003- Oh My God, did you see freakin' American Idol last night? Now I admit that all members of the bottom three were where they needed to be. Kimberley Locke just needs to go soon. Kimberly Caldwell needs to go soon. Ricky has been pushing it. But Carmen should have been down there too. When it came down to putting the last person in the bottom three, it was between Carmen and Ricky and I was like, "Oh yeah Carmen's gone." But she wasn't. They picked Ricky and not only did they pick him, they picked him off. My jaw dropped and stayed that way for seconds. It was horrible. Ricky shouldn't have gone. I was deeply saddened. I'm still saddened by it. "Horrible rotten mean daddy." okay sorry Verunca thrown into the mix. And oh no, when they did that performance yesterday, I was like "Hell nah these fools are lipsynching." Grrr. And Kelly, whoa there nelly homegirl's not only gained a lot of weight (in the face and arse especially) but her hair? WTF was up with that? She's not Shakira, Shakira can't pull it off so why does she think she can? Disappointed disappointed. I think that song was co-written by C. Aguilera. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. In an odd sorta way, I liked it. Whoa on a day full of tangents and it's only 7:19...Clay. Now Clay has some pipes, but I must point something out. I must. (Searching 'net for pix)Okay made something.
Okay this is what I made. A couple of weeks ago they had to do music from movies, and Clay did a song from An American Tale and I was like "HE LOOKS LIKE FIEVAL!!!!!!!!" So yeah, just thought I'd share that with ya'll.