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SAS(r) Software Tips
Why You Should Avoid *...; Type Comments
Avoid * ... ; type comments in SAS if you can (you ALWAYS can). The reason is that these are executable and can actually cause an unexpected change in how your job executes.


* %global x y z ;
%msu040r ;
... more code

The intention is clearly to comment out the %global statement and prevent SAS executing it, and then execute the %msu040r macro. But these comments are executable. The following happens in the above code::
* SAS sees an executable comment statement
%global x y z ;  SAS sees an executable macro statement and the semi-colon is the end of the macro statement, not the comment
%msu040r ;  This is in the comment and the semi-colon ends the comment

 So the msu040r macro never executes and the job will not have the outputs of the macro available.

Please whereever possible practise safe SAS and use /* ... */ comments. Nothing within these is ever executable.

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