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Hey I'm a baby. Well actually, I'm a toddler and I don't need sleep, got it! I love music and the Wiggles are just so cool! I've got a really cool nanny named Stacey who fills in for mum and dad when they are at work and before Stacey I had Laurie who went to Australia and is a really good buddy.I'm bossy, ok! I adore animals, and I play with our cat Hannah all the time! I love the ducks at the park near Granddad's place in Hamilton. Gotta go now, the stereo needs the volume winding right up for when mum next uses it, hahahaha. I love going to gym and riding my scooter!

Something big just happened ... I know it ... Mar 8th 1999, 1/2 hour old

Around June 1999, at just 4 months old, I annexed Ash's bed (only for a little while though)

I'm the baby, gotta love me!! 7 months old,Oct 1999

Dunno who the dude in red is, but Ash thought this would be fun! Christmas 1999

Somewhere under there is my big brother ... Jan 2000

Around February 2000, I thought Mum needed to see how real men eat ice-cream...

I can stand now ... pretty good trick huh. Feb 2000

My clever mum made me a Winnie the Pooh cake for my first birthday..Mar 2000

Dunno what the fuss is all about ... First Birthday MAR 2000

Hey kids .. yah don't sleep in these things yah know, good for bouncing on though! May 2000

I don't sleep, OK! Jun 2000