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Hi , I'm Ash. I'm 7 years old (in March 2002). I go to Kilbirnie School and I'm in Room 6. Mrs Langley is my teacher and I get heaps of homework. I really like school. I also love HARRY POTTER and also Star Wars. I enjoy drawing and reading and playing computer games, especially Magic School Bus! Space is one of my favourite things and I read everything I can find about space. Mum and Dad woke me up to see the eclipse a while back, it was cool. My last birthday party was overnight at an observatory! Neat!

We're in this hotel in Los Angeles see, and I'm bored .. think I'll crawl, that'll shock them!! .. Apr 1995

Isn't this a neat picture of me and my mum in 1995

Here I am looking innocent in the garden in 1998 .. wonder what I just did that I shouldn't have?

This cool group of pictures was taken I was having my Barney phase between 1995 and sometime in 1997!

We went to Italy in April 1997, I met my cousin Lucia who lives in Rome. That her and me together in the bottom picture with her mum, Isalena.

My third birthday party was full of pirates! Don't I make a cool Captain Hook. Sep1997

1999 in August, I'm starting school next month. Mum and Dad are wondering where their baby boy went!

This was just so cool, I won this monster Easter Egg in Mar 2000.

I love to share with my little brother Luke. Here I tricked him by making him think he was gonna get my bed!!