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The Poneke Under 8

Scorchers 2006 Web Page

Number Of Tries (At seasons end) --  115 tries For -- 58 tries against.

Try scorers ladder  at season end (corrected 11/09)

Jaziah 33, Nathan 23, Kailash 11, Dylan 11, Caiden 8, Luke 8, Lucy 7, Isaac 7, Ashad 4, Eli 1, Jackson 1, Zach 1

Stadium Game

Jaziah, Isaac, Dylan, Nathan and Kailash scored tries in our game against Wests at the Stadium before the Wellington v Tasman game. Then a monster effort in the halftime "tug of roar" saw us finally overcome a determined Wests team to win.

Touch: Played 4, Won 3, Lost 1

Tackle: Played 7, Won 5, Drew 2


Results at a glance (scores are tries for and against)

v Poneke Pro-Copy  win 7-3 v Newlands Chiefs win 5-2 v MSP Tornadoes lost 7-8 v Johnsonville Jays win 11-7
v Poneke Pro-Copy draw 4-4 v Wests Cheetahs win 10-3 v Poneke Tornadoes win 16-4 v Wests Pumas win 16-5
v Ories Caviliers win 9-8 v MSP Hurricanes draw 11-11 v Johnsonville Panthers win 19-3  

Club Awards 02/09/2006

Best Attacker, Isaac Moe Jenkins. The award is for his outstanding support play, continual efforts to improve both his and the team game by passing and placing in te tackle, his ability to turn defence into attack, and his hard work in the maul situation where he consistently rips the ball from the opposition and sets up attacking play. He demonstrated this year that excellence in attack need not mean scoring lots of tries, a very good season.

Best Defender; Nathan Smith. The award is for making an enormous number of tackles, for his outstanding tackle technique which often prevented the opposition passing, and for his superb cover defence where he often saved tries as attackers were lining up  the try line.

Most Improved; Eli Chamberlain. The award is for Eli's continuing improvement with every game, for his determination to push himself harder, for his training effort, and for his overcoming nervousness early on in tackle to be a most confident and competent player

Player of the season; Jaziah Sila. The award is for his leadership, for his developing and growing team ethic, for his tremendous on field contribution, for his sportmanship and attitude towards his teammates, coaches, supporters and opposition. He was always to the fore of our ball chasers and while scoring many tries himself, was just as happy to see others score, and was always appreciative of the efforts of others. An extremely encouraging person, who has contributed much to the team.

Date Opponents/Venue Game Review
02 September 2006 v Johnsonville Panthers at Helston 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 90(18 tries)  Johnsonville Panthers 15 (3 tries)

Halftime: Poneke 35 to 10.



Jaziah 7 (including our 100th try of the season)

Kailash 4

Nathan 4

Dylan 2

Jackson 1

Captain: Dylan

Player Of The Day: Jackson

Wham! A performance of excellence. This Johnsonville team beat us last season and were the only team to do so. This game today was so complete, the tackling so good, the mauling so strong and the running so determined, that Johnsonville never got a look in.

Despite Johnsonville receiving the kick off, Poneke earned an almost immediate turnover from a maul where Isaac wrestled the ball off them. The resulting play saw a short settling in period, but after about 4 minutes Kailash crashed over for the first try. Kailash today played an excellent game, he was into everything, his tackling and running were of the highest quality. He scored 4 tries today.

Jackson appreciated the extra space that Johnsonville's reluctant tacklers offered and made some excellent runs. He also mauled with strength and determination and showed that with a bit more experience he will be a very good player. Today, Jackson scored his first ever try for Poneke, out sprinting the opposition in a 30 metre dash to the tryline leaving several defenders behind him.

Jaziah led the attack today, he was always near the ball and frequently took it straight out of opponents hands. He outran the opposition today to score 7 tries.

Nathan picked up 4 tries and had a very good attacking game. It was a nice touch to see Nathan keeping up with Jackson as he scored, and then being the first to give Jackson a congratulations.

Dylan again used his pace today frequently ourunning players and setting up tries for others. Dylan scored two tries today.

Caiden enjoyed the opportunity to play in the forwards and was his usual powerhouse self in the mauls with some string runs in his first half game.

Lucy run hard and tackled hard today and was again a handful for the opposition to tackle.

Pererika continued his fine form of recent weeks and featured in many strong tackles and was also good at getting the loose ball and running. He has improved so much in recent weeks and will continue to do so as his confidence continues to build.

Zach performed well today and again enjoyed playing hooker. His lineout throwing is awesome and today he mauled hard.

Ashad played his last game for the Scorchers today. He played hard and strong and was as always hard to tackle.

Eli was another who continued his improvement making strong runs and tackles. He has had an excellent season.

Luke played in the second half and was a strong tackler who frequently was up and tackling the opposition very quickly at the restart. He obtained many turnovers today.

Isaac was again a top performer. Along with Luke he caused the opposition a lot of grief at restart time, and he too created many turnovers. His tackling was generally excellent his running strong and fast. Again he played a role in many tries.

26 August 2006 CANCELLED  
19 August 2006 v MSP Hurricanes at Martin Luckie  # 2 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 55 (11 tries)  MSP Hurricanes 55 (11 tries)



Jaziah 5

Lucy 1

Dylan 1

Isaac 1

Eli 1

Kailash 1

Nathan 1


Captain: Jaziah

Player Of The Day: Isaac and Eli


This was a seriously strong opposition who played a similar game to ours. The tackling by both teams was excellent, the attack play was excellent. It was a close and exciting game, and a draw was a very fair reflection of the day. Again though, we started slowly and were 15-0 down at one point before coming to life and playing to our customary standard.

Eli had a super game today. He tackled well and he defended well. His seasons improvement continued with him playing an excellent support role, and that led directly to his very good try today.

Lucy played a hard game and was  dynamite with the ball. Her try saw her pushing off opposition tacklers and running right through to score.

Zach played well today and his lineout throwing and scrumming was very good.

Isaac was an excellent tackler today and he created many turnovers and try scoring opportunities.

Pererika played a good hard game today and was excellent in the mauls.

Dylan's fast running was excellent and he scored a magnificent try running over 40 metres with only 1 boot on!

Luke played halfback today and he had an excellent game, especially strong on defence and also running and mauling well.

Jaziah was strong especially on attack today and he was continuously looking for the loose ball.

Caiden played well and was especially strong in the mauls.

Ashad featured in many strong runs and also defended well today.

Jackson showed his speed and desire to learn today as he ran hard and fast at the opposition.

Nathan featured in some very good tackling today.

Kailash made some very good tackles, but none more so than one near the end that saved the game for us. He also ran hard and fast, and as always played his best game.

13 August 2006 Wainui Well done to the U8 combined team for beating Wainui 16 tries to 10. Outstanding today was Jaziah who scored 9 tries! Poneke retained the Paul Hakaraia trophy that is played for annually by the junior teams of the two clubs.
12 August 2006 v Ories Cavaliers at Polo  # 2 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 45(9 tries)  Ories Cavaliers 40 (8 tries)



Isaac 3

Jaziah 2

Kailash 2

Nathan 1

Dylan 1

Captain: Pererika

Player Of The Day: Jackson and Zach

This was a very very good Ories team who should really have won the game. They played us right off the ground in the first 20 minutes and had 4 tries up within 15 minutes to none from us. With Jaziah loaned to Ories adding to an already very potent attacking force, they largely outran and out-tackled us in the first half to lead 4-0 at halftime. We were really looking out of sorts in the first 15, but then in the last 10 minutes of the first half had began to pick up the pace.

The second half was like the first except Poneke rather than Ories gradually became the team on top.  We picked up every aspect of the game in this half, and forced errors. Ories continued to play well, and either team could have won right to the end.

Zach mixed it with the big klds today and in particular was very active in the mauls. He wrestled and fought hard for the ball today. A very good game from Zach.

Pererika was our captain today and showed that he can mix in with the bigger kids. He particularly got into the mauling today, and his lineout throws were very good. Pererika continues to improve each game.

Jackson continued his improvement today and made some very strong runs. His speed was matched by the Ories defence today, but he made a lot of good ground.

Nathan was again a top defender and his cover defence saved at least 3 certain tries. His tackle on Jaziah in the first half was a beauty, His running was strong and straight and he scored 1 try.

Ashad made a number of good runs today and worked hard tackling the bigger Ories players.

Jaziah filled in for Ories today in the first half and he played a strong game for them. He now knows what Nathan's tackles feel like! In the 2nd half, back in Poneke colours he was dynamic, breaking the Ories defence time and time again and playing a role in much of the try scoring action. He scored two tries himself.

Kailash played a strong 2nd half game today and collected 2 tries. He stood out again with his tackling being excellent

Luke played an excellent 2nd half and was very strong in the tackle today. He also took on the defence having a go at running straight through and making good ground. He directly created one of our tries by running an Ories player 30 metres back to his own tryline from where we got the ball and scored.

Isaac only played the 2nd half but it was another stand out performance. He made many many tackles today and was very hard to stop with the ball. He actively worked to get the ball in the tackle situation and created a number of turnover situations. Isaac scored 3 tries and made a very big contribution to this win.

Dylan scored 1 try today and he also stood out for his tackling, and again for his fast running. He did find getting past the very good Ories tacklers difficult, but always made good ground.

Lucy played a good game today and made some good runs taking on opposition players.

Caiden mauled well today, both for outselves and for Ories in the 2nd half! He made some of his trademark down the middle runs.

Eli tried hard in his first half game today and was a determined tackler.


Things to work on:

Supporting the ball carrier

Making tackles count early

Not letting the opposition get so far ahead by halftime!

05 August2006 v Wests Pumas at Kilbirnie Park  # 2 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 80(16 tries)  Wests Pumas 25 (5 tries)



Nathan 6

Jaziah 4

Luke 3

Caiden 2

Dylan 1


Captain: Lucy

Player Of The Day: Ashad and Isaac

Another convincing performance in the mud today. Our team out tackled Wests today and collected the rewards of a tremendous amount of turnover ball. Wests tried hard and their attack was always strong, but our tackles are really making the difference now. Another excellent win.

Lucy celebrated her first ever game at Westpac Stadium on Friday night (she scored two tries at the stadium for a combined Poneke/Marist girls team) by being an excellent captain for the Scorchers today, who led by example. Her tackling was strong and she was always supporting the ball carrier and making strong advances into the opposition defence.

Jackson ran hard and fast today and also contributed to our teams power play in the maul situation. He is always looking to get the ball and run, and also scrummaged well today.

Caiden scored 2 tries today, 1 was an excellent team effort where 4 of our team pushed Caiden over the tryline with Caidens strength holding the maul up. Caidens defence was also excellent today and he is obviously enjoying the physical tackle game. He uses his strength well in the mauls.

Dylan played the first half today and made some scorching runs and excellent tackles. He scored a try and whenever he got the ball was hard for the opposition to tackle.

Kailash played in the first half today and gave his all in the tackle as well as making some strong runs.

Zach played in the second half and featured with his running and scrumming.

Ashad had a second half performance today that was outstanding. His defence was excellent and his constantly looked for the ball and ran hard at the opposition.

Nathan was outstanding today in both attack and defence. His tackling is very good -- he concentrates on wrapping up the player and forcing the tackled player back. Adopting a wing/fullback position Nathan made several try-saving tackles today, and along the way found time to score 6 tries!

Isaac is playing wonderful rugby now. Today he was everywhere in defence and also ran strongly. A feature of Isaacs game is his ability to  hold opposition players up near the tryline, and he to stopped a couple of certain tries today.

Luke had a very good game today. He adopted the halfback position and played it extremely well, scoring 3 tries, as well as defending well.  One was a marvellous team effort where he shot away from a scrum near the Wests line, was tackled but stayed upright, then was pushed 4 metres over the line for the try by several teammates.

That and the similar try that Caiden scored demonstrated that the team are actively learning and thinking about the game.

Jaziah is becoming very good at scavenging dropped ball. He was directly responsible for several tries today with his hard tackles and ability to regather the ball, and he scored 4 himself.

Eli is continuing his excellent play. He is becoming very confident now and his tackling is making big impacts on the opposition, as well he is using his speed to good advantage when running with the ball.

Pererika was not available today.

29July 2006 v Poneke Tornadoes at Martin Luckie Park # 1 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 80 (16 tries) Poneke Tornadoes 20 (4 tries)



Jaziah 4

Lucy 3

Kailash 3

Nathan 2

Dylan 2

Caiden 1

Isaac 1


Captain: Eli

Player Of The Day: Kailash and Pererika

Everyone including the coach was ready to play again today. A little rustiness which isn't surprising after the 3 weeks off, but the team hit their straps after halftime, scoring 10 tries in the second half.

Pererika played a very good game today, especially getting in the mauls and doing some good pushing and ripping. He also made some good ground running with the ball. Well done today Pererika.

Kailash relished the opportunity to run hard at the opposition today and scored 3 tries, he was also a standout player in his tackling and today showed his strength as he was extremely hard to tackle.

Nathan scored 2 tries today and as always was a reliable tackler and attacker.

Eli continued with his strong play this week and is building his skills up rapidly. He is really playing well and his tackling in particular is excellent. Today he also made some very good runs.

Ashad tackled well today and was very hard to tackle, he also started to pass today -- excellent game!

Isaac scored 1 try today and defended well. The try was a very good effort that saw some excellent passing between him and Jaziah, their passing left the Tornadoes guessing and was a really good try.

Zach made a number of good runs today and continues his good attack play.

Lucy scored 3 tries today where she simply outran the opposition after running through them. Her tackling was also very good again.

Dylan used his speed to score 2 tries today and also tackled very well. He was constantly involved in turnovers and we scored a number of tries from his turnovers.

Jaziah could hardly wait to get on the field in the 2nd half today and his strong play continued. He scored 4 tries, but was involved in several others, often getting the turnover ball in mauls and setting up the attack. Tackling also was very good again today.

A special mention for Jackson who had his first game today and he made some strong runs and clearly enjoyed the opportunity to be playing.

Luke made some good runs today and also tackled well.

Caiden played his usual solid game and scored an excellent try. Again he played very well in defence and relished the contact role.

22 July 2006 CANCELLED  
15 July 2006 No Game -- School Holidays  
08 July 2006 CANCELLED  
01 July 2006 v Wests Cheetahs at Kilbirnie Park  # 2 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 50(10 tries)  Wests Cheetahs 15 (3 tries)



Jaziah 2

Luke 2

Nathan 2

Caiden 1

Lucy 1

Isaac 1

Dylan 1

Captain: Luke

Player Of The Day: Eli

An utterly stunning performance from our 9 available players who outclassed Wests in every area of play today. After being 2 tries each at halftime, our team scored 8 top class tries in the second half, against an intercept just as  we were looking likely to go away for number 9. Wests never gave up here and were in fact far from a pushover, but our guys were all on top form today and in the end out-ran, out-tackled and out-muscled the Wests team. Even with 2 of our guys playing ill, and a player short, we still played a top game. Well done team!

Eli played a game that typified our team today. He stepped up his tackling and made some excellent try saving tackles. He ran hard and fast today and had a really good game to be player of the day. His play where he chased a Wests players and tackled him just before the tryline typified Eli's approach to the game today.

Dylan tackled hard and was always difficult for the opposition to stop when he had the ball. He did some excellent mauling today and helped achieve several turnovers. Dylan scored a try today. His running forward made us a lot of ground today.

Luke was one of the sick players today but was determined to have his game as captain. He played well and was another who did well in the mauls. He scored two tries by outpacing opposition, both with 30 metre sprints. Today was a first for our captain, choosing to play into the fog in the first half rather than traditional sun or wind!

Nathan was also ill today but he was determined not to miss the game. He had a superb game in defence. He has a very good tackle technique that saw him make many strong tackles and along with Isaac, forced many turnovers by taking Wests players across the tryline. Nathan scored two tries tries today as well.

Jaziah played a top all round game. His tackling was hard and he was constantly seeking the ball when Wests players were tackled. He also opened a whole new part of his game today, he actively looked for players in a better position than him and we scored tries directly from some excellent passes by Jaziah. The passing game was a feature today and one which really left the opposition behind. Jaziah was a handful in attack as well and scored 2 excellent tries.

Pererika was heavily into the mauls today and he was responsible for assisting in getting the ball many times. He also worked hard on tackling today and was involved in several tackles. He made some good runs with the ball.

Caiden played one of his best games today. He is really enjoying playing tackle and loves the physical side of the contact game. His has a particular strength in taking 3 or 4 opponents to tackle him, and he is turning to feed our players coming through in more space. His tackling is also very good. Caiden is very hard to stop near the try line and scored a try today. Excellent game Caiden!

Lucy was another who tackled and tackled today and like Caiden she is enjoying the contact side of the game. She scored one excellent try today outrunning the defence and was another who the opposition often had to have several players tackle.

Isaac gets the last word today. Isaac was a standout player today for many reasons, but his defence in particular was top. He made one of the best tackles we will see this year where he tackled a player on the tryline and then rolled him over to prevent the ball being pressed, we took the ball from this play and scored at the other end of the field. Isaac also played a top game in attack and was often the player who was in position to receive the pass from Jaziah and Nathan. Isaacs try was a gem today, he was running at top speed to take a great pass from Jaziah and score. It was an excellent try, and the Wests supporters standing near me were full of praise for this play.

Ashad, Zach, Jackson and Kailash were not available today.

24 June 2006 v Wests Cheetahs at Kilbirnie Park  # 2 0900 CANCELLED



17 June 2006 v Wests Cheetahs at Kilbirnie Park  # 2 0900 CANCELLED



10 June 2006 v Poneke PRO COPY at Kilbirnie Park  #1 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 20(4 tries) PK PC 20 (4 tries)



Lucy 2

Dylan 1

Isaac 1

Captain: Isaac

Player of the day: Dylan

The Scorchers were on fire big time today. Tackle started, and with it came a new intensity to the game. It was an excellent first up tackle performance, and the team did themselves proud not only in their tackling, but also in their ability to maintain discipline.

Dylan was player of the day today. He had a very good all round performance, scoring an excellent try. His attack was a feature of the game, and he made many strong runs. His defence was also very good, making some very telling tackles.

Lucy has been waiting for this day for 3 years! She took on tackle with an intensity that was magnificent to watch. She scored two tries, the first she just outran the opposition, the second she just went straight through them. Her tackling was of a very high standard, and she was constantly involved in the play. An excellent game today.

Pererika made some good runs today and made presented the ball well in the tackle. He tried hard when making tackles.

Eli was another good runner today and he tried hard in the scrums all day.

Luke tackled like a demon and continued on with his constant running at the opposition and making them go backwards. He took the straight up the middle approach on attack, and his ball presentation when going to ground was very good.

Ashad found tackling challenging, but always tried hard. His running with the ball was really good, he made a lot of ground and did well with ball presentation in the tackle.

Caiden enjoyed the opportunity to play a contact game and made many strong runs and tackles. He will continue to be difficult for opponents to tackle as he uses his strength to push forward.

Isaac was another stand out defender today. He made a lot of tackles. In attack Isaac was another who enjoyed the chance to run at and through our opponents. He scored a super try after a long run shrugging off tacklers.

Kailash was another who's defence was excellent and he made a lot of tackles. His running with the ball was hard and fast.

Nathan continued his excellent touch defence into tackle. He made some top tackles, and his tackle in the first half where he came across field in cover defence to take the player ball and all into touch just a metre short of our try line was the tackle of the day. As always he ran hard and fast with the ball. Another very good game Nathan.

Jaziah and Jackson not available today.

 Things to work on:

  • tackled player releasing ball in a maul
  • one player ripping in the tackle
  • placing when tackled
  • keeping hold of the ball when tackled
  • keeping back from the ripper to get the pass
  • looking to pass to players who are in more space
  • moving up for tackles instead of waiting for the opposition to come to us
03 June 2006 v Johnsonville Jays at Alex Moore Park 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 55(11 tries) JV 35 (7 tries)



Jaziah 6

Dylan 1

Luke 1

Caiden 1

Ashad 1

Nathan 1

Captain: Nathan

Player of the day: Nathan

Most Valuable Player: Luke

This was the day of the turnover. We got 7 or 8 turnovers from dropped ball, and this meant Johnsonville were never going to be able to compete.

Nathan had a masterly defensive game today and also made some very good runs scoring 1 try but making a lot of ground. He was on the spot for turnovers claiming the drop ball 3 times today in his player of the day award.

Luke harassed the opposition in the tackle today and was responsible for creating several of the turnovers. He also ran strongly and made a lot of ground on attack. He scored 1 try, and received an award for most valuable player for all the drop ball situations he forced upon Johnsonville.

Jaziah had a sensational game on attack today and was often the player who took advantage of the turnovers. He scored 6 tries today, and also also made a lot of tackles.

Kailash used his speed well today and a lot of ground on attack, he defended strongly as well.

Dylan was another excellent attack force today using his speed to make a lot of ground. He scored 1 try today. His tackling was also of a high standard.

Ashad had a solid all round game today where he used his speed to good advantage in both attack and defence. He scored 1 try.

Pererika made some good tackles today and he ran very hard at the opposition.

Isaac ran hard and fast today and was reliable in defence.

Eli made some really good tackles today, he was up close to the opposition in defence, as well as making some strong attacking runs.

Caiden played a solid game and scored a good try, he made big efforts in the tackle as well.

Zach played a good game today. His confidence running with the ball is very high this year and he is backing himself to run forwards and take on tacklers. Zach is playing a good committed game each week, and his defence continues to improve.

Lucy played a strong all round game today. She is running hard and will be difficult for opposition when we start tackle next week! Her tackling is of a high standard.


Things to work on:

  • not all crowding around the tackled player
  • one player ripping in the tackle
  • not all hesitating at the rip
  • keeping back from the ripper to get the pass
  • looking to pass to players who are in more space
  • moving up for tackles instead of waiting for the opposition to come to us
27 May 2006 CANCELLED  
20 May 2006 v MSP Tornadoes at Kilbirnie Park # 3 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 35(7 tries) MSP 40 (8 tries)



Caiden 3

Jaziah 1

Ashad 1

Nathan 1

Zach 1

Captain: Zach

Player of the day: Caiden

MSP showed up a few defensive issues today. Their fast runners were left with two much room to get going in and they won with some good individual tries. We were guilty of two turnovers today that should have been tries to us but instead resulted in tries to MSP.

Caiden made good tackles today and also showed good appreciation of the rules to stretch and score from rips on the goalline.

Lucy had another top game in defence, making many tackles.  She is picking up the hard running that we saw last season again and proving difficult to tackle.

Nathan's defence was excellent today and he scored 1 try.

Luke set up two of Caiden's tries today with straight forward runs that saw him tackled right on the tryline. He also made several good tackles.

Zach scored his first try of the season today and he featured in an excellent game both in attack and defence.

Pererika tried hard and made big efforts to tackle today.

Isaac was a reliable tackler who was determined to make the tackles today.

Kailash also tackled well and chased the opposition all day.

Ashad made strong runs and used his sidestep well today, scoring 1 try.

Jaziah had a strong game and he to excelled in the close defence. He scored one try.

Dylan and Eli were unavailable today.

Things to work on:

  • not all crowding around the tackled player
  • one player ripping in the tackle
  • not all hesitating at the rip
  • keeping back from the ripper to get the pass
  • looking to pass to players who are in more space
  • moving up for tackles instead of waiting for the opposition to come to us
13 May 2006 CANCELLED  
06 May 2006 v Newlands Chiefs at Rewa Rewa School 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 25 (5 tries) Newlands Chiefs 10 (2 tries)



Ashad 2

Nathan 2

Dylan 1


Captain: Ashad

Player of the day: Lucy

This was a hard game against a team who tried and tried to crack our excellent defence. Newlands spent much of the second half near our try line but could not get across. Our defence was really good in this game, Newlands had the ball for over 10 minutes at one point and it ended up with us scoring!

Lucy was a tackle demon today! She chased the ball carrier all day and made many good tackles as well as some strong runs. She was player of the day today.

Kailash was as usual everywhere on the field and he was close to scoring today, once again his defence was excellent.

Isaac made some strong runs and tackles, while Luke had a strong game on both defence and attack. Eli played an excellent game especially on attack.

Ashad had one of his best ever games today, he scored 2 excellent tries and he also made many good tackles.

Dylan had a strong attack game and he was always hard to tackle. He scored his first try for the Scorchers today -- well done!

Nathan was continually hunting for the ball and scored 2 tries, one a 60 metre dash after we broke out from behind our goal line. Nathan's defence continues to be a feature as well.

Jaziah played a very committed game and his running forward was a feature of our play. He to made many good tackles.

Zach continues to be a handful to tackle, he is a very hard runner and makes a lot of ground.

Caiden played his usual fully committed game today, and was especially impressive with his tackling, he also run hard at the opposition.

Pererika was not available today.


Things to work on:

  • not all crowding around the tackled player
  • one player ripping in the tackle
  • not all hesitating at the rip
  • keeping back from the ripper to get the pass
  • looking to pass to players who are in more space


29 April 2006 v Poneke Pro Copy at Kilbirnie Park 0900

Score: Poneke Scorchers 35 (7 tries) , Poneke Proc Copy 15 (3 tries)



Nathan 3

Jaziaqh 2

Luke 1

Kailash 1


Captain: Kailash

Player of the day: Jaziah

This was a very comprehensive victory against last seasons unbeaten team in under 7. The Scorchers outran and outlasted their opposition to win well. Our kids really took to the bigger field and with much more room to run they showed some great skills. They also played to the conditions, retaining the ball and having only 1 turnover whilst picking up 4 off the opposition.

Jaziah kicked off his first game with us with a strong performance. His attacking was really good today and he also stood out capturing loose ball. Jaziah scored two tries.

Lucy has continued with her strong defence and also stood out today when attacking. With her and Luke chasing opponents back toward their own line we continually had the opposition on the backfoot. As well as strong defence, Luke practiced his sidestep to good advantage today and scored 1 try.

Dylan showed he has impressive pace and played a really good attacking game as well as making some excellent tackles. He and Kailash played very similar games today and both were clearly enjoying the extra space available on the bigger field. Kailash picked up one try today.

Nathan was onto the loose ball today and he scored 3 tries. He was always in support of the ball carrier and his defence as last year is first class, making many tackles including some right on the try line.

Zach was the master of the rip today, he was often the first player at the tackle and also made a number of good runs. Zac, along with Pererika, is showing confidence both in attack and defence and both played extremely well.

Ashad picked straight back up from where he left off last season with a top attacking game, and also made many tackles. Ashad was also our lineout thrower today and his lineout throws were accurate.

Isaac played his usual strong game and showed that once again he is very fast and determined when near the tryline. Along with Eli and Caiden, these three ran hard and fast and made good tackles.


Things to work on:

  • not all crowding around the tackled player
  • one player ripping in the tackle
  • not all hesitating at the rip
  • keeping back from the ripper to get the pass
  • running forward not backwards

Pre season games

A solid workout against Poneke Tornadoes followed by a convincing match against Wellington Axemen have shown that the skill levels and intensity have increased with everyone. Training has been solid! Look out opponents.