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The Poneke Under 7 Hobbits 2005 Web Page

Number Of Tries (after 13 August 2005 game -- 209 tries to date). 185 tries against.

36 31 29 24 23 15 6 5 4














After 20 August : Played 14, Won 10, Drew 3, Lost 1

Date Opponents/Venue Game Review
20 August 2005 v Wests Pumas at Kilbirnie Park 0900

Score: Poneke 16 Tries, Wests Pumas 16 Tries


Captain: Nathan

Player of the day: Ashad

Today was our 200th try, well done!

This was a very enjoyable game that everybody really played well in. It was an open running game that also featured some excellent defence, none more so than Ashad who launched himself at attackers to make some superb and dramatic tackles. He also made some great runs, the best being a 20 metre dash past several opposition players to score with a dive over the line. It was a great game by Ashad -- Well done.

Nathan was in dynamic form with the ball today, He scored 7 tries, and also made many excellent tackles. He was very confident running today and his kick off over the heads of the opposition led to a turnover try for us.

Isaac played another top game and both his tackling and attacking play was very good. Isaac scored twice today, including scoring our 200th try of the season. He also started a new trend today -- the forward roll back to the halfway line. Pretty good forward rolls, but need to make it a bit quicker before the opposition kick off!!

Lucy was her usual dynamic self both in defence and attack and today she set up tries rather than scoring them herself! Lucy is always in support and she makes many many important tackles.

Pererika showed today that his play has developed and he is now a confident ball carrier and tackler. His support play is very good now.

Luke scored twice today and featured in some excellent runs. He concentrates on not running backwards and often sets up tries as well as scoring them himself. His tackling was again very good today, again making it a feature to chase the opposition backwards at the kickoff.

Timote scored 1 try today and ran hard when he got the ball. He also made several very good tackles.

Zach continues to improve with every game and is now a confident player who plays a very good support and running game. Today Zach featured in several of the tryscoring plays and in particular he has mastered the quick pass when tackled.

Caiden scored once today and made some excellent tackles. He played a very good attacking game that saw him cover a lot of ground to make many good runs.

Kailash made a number of good runs today and scored 2 tries. The Wests team certainly had to work hard to catch him today and his tackling was also very good. He was running forward today and was also involved in several of the try scoring plays.

Eli played another confident game today, he had several good runs and he also tackled well.

13 August 2005   Captain: Ashad

Player of the day: Kailash

After beating the Panthers 15-11 in the first round the roles were well reversed today with the Panthers winning 19-16. The Hobbits tried hard today, but we made several uncharacteristic mistakes and were guilty of some passes to nobody, as well as lot of running back toward our own line, which the Panthers were quick to take advantage of. Johnsonville were also quick to leap on the loose ball and take advantage of the turnovers.

Kailash was very impressive when he ran straight today. He scored 7 tries, all the result of straight running, to be player of the day. Kailash made good use of his speed and showed that the Johnsonville team's defence could be broken when he ran straight and hard

Eli had an excellent game today and his first half performance was very committed. He pulled off a spectacular tackle as an opposition player started to dive for the line, and continued his overall impressive play in attack as well.

Luke tried hard in his first half performance, always running forward and tackling well. He set up tries today.

Ashad continues to enjoy his rugby and to push himself to play well. He is tackling and running hard and his jinky runs often left the opposition guessing. His straight ahead running was very good.

Pererike made some good tackles today and he showed that as his confidence increases so does his ability to support and run with the ball.

Zach was into everything today, and he featured with strong support play and several good runs from that  support role. Good defence from Zach today, he made a number of very good tackles. Zach is gaining more and more confidence and he is becoming a very strong runner.

Nathan had a good second half game and again his defence was very good making many tackles. He scored 3 tries, the result of his very good support play.

Isaac scored 1 try today and played his usual honest game. He tackled well today and he too was always running straight for the Johnsonville tryline.

Lucy gave 100% to her game today and scored 3 tries. She played another top support game, and was strong in defence.

Timote featured in some good runs today. He ran fast and straight today, and was hard for the opposition to tackle. We scored 3 tries after Timote started the run.

Caiden tried hard today and he scored 2 tries.

Things to work on

-- not taking the ball from players as it is passed to them

-- running forwards!

-- gathering loose ball

-- passing to somebody, not just throwing the ball away!

-- staying awake

06 August2005 v Wests Tigers At Kilbirnie #3 0900

Score: Poneke 14 Tries, Wests Tigers 11 Tries

Captain: Caiden

Player of the day: Pererika

We drew with this Wests team 11-11 in the first round, and todays performance showed how much the team has learnt and improved this year.

Of particular note today we how some of the players who been a bit quieter this season spring to life. Pererika played a superb game today and got into everything. He set up tries with his running, and he made some top tackles today. He stayed in support and played an excellent all round game to be player of the day.

Eli showed again today that his confidence is continuing to increase. Most noteworthy today was when he dived onto a loose ball to stop the opposition grabbing it, and we scored as a result. He made many good runs, and today he also showed that his tackling is as good as anyone in the team.

Zach featured in some strong runs, many of which came from him staying up in support of the ball carrier. He was always there to take the ball from the tackled player, and his support play was a feature in several of our tries today, as well as scoring one himself.

Ashad ran and tackled hard today and as always it was difficult for the opposition to tackle him.

Luke had a great game today with his straight and fast running leading to us scoring several tries. He didn't score himself today, but was in the midst of everything. Again his ability to chase the opposition players back to their own goalline was a dominant factor in our win.

Caiden featured in a number of jinking runs that had opposition all over the place today. He scored 3 tries.

Timote picked up 3 tries today and showed that if he has the ball near the tryline he is very hard to catch.

Isaac also picked up 3 tries today and featured in some powerful tackles. He has become very good at chasing across the field to stop opponents near the try line. Isaac and Nathan can both be proud of the way this part of their game has come on this year.

Lucy played her usual honest game, running hard and tackling hard throughout. She scored 3 tries.

Nathan had a very good all round game and scored one try. His covering defence complemented Isaacs, and this really makes a difference in defence. Both of them are doing a great job of making last second tackles.

Kailash had another very good game. His speed both in attack and defence is very good. He played a major role in two of our tries today making good runs before passing off to the try scorer.

31 July 2005 Under 7 Rep team v Wainui

Score: Poneke U7 16 tries, Wainui U7 15 tries.

The team comprised 10 players selected by the 3
under 7 team coaches. The players were (from Hobbits) Luke,Nathan and Isaac, (from Hurricanes) Barnaby, Jack M, Dylan and William and (from Tornadoes) Liam, Ryan and Hamish.

Player of the day: Barnaby

The under 7 rep team played in the Paul Hakaraia Cup tournament held every year between Poneke and Wainui junior teams. Poneke retained the trophy, which is awarded to the club that wins the majority of the 7 games played at different age grades.


Without a chance to run together before the game this was a superb performance. The team just looked like they'd played together all season.

Dominant attacking defence in particular by Barnaby and Luke saw Wainui going backwards often.  Barnaby chased players all over the lovely gooey muddy field all day and also scored a try. He is a fearless tackler and made many important tackles today.

Luke was the dominant attacking force today scoring 4 tries and running around the Wainui tacklers many times, he also set up 2 tries for other players.

Nathan was captain today and he had a very good game with his usual excellent cover defence. He played very  well in attack and his passing and receiving of the pass from Isaac was exceptional today. Nathan scored 2 tries.

Dylan featured in some powerful runs and also made some very good tackles. He ran very hard at the opposition today and played a big role in the teams win.

Liam had a very good all round game today, and he scored 2 very good tries with his speed, even in the mud, leaving the Wainui players behind. One was a long run from halfway that covered the whole field, somehow evading Wainui players right across the field.

Jack played a very good game,especially on attack, and his performance was especially notable given he is recovering from glandular fever. He scored 2 tries, and one in particular was a superb run in which he beat most of the Wainui team.

William had a really good game in defence today, and he made a lot of tackles. He ran hard with the ball, and his quick passing when tackled led directly to a try.

Ryan used his sidestep to very good advantage today and scored 2 tries. He featured in many good runs and left many Wainui players in his wake with his constant direction changes.

Isaac featured in several very good quick passing plays that led to tries, and his interaction with Nathan today was especially good, leading to tries. Isaac scored 3 himself, and again he was also dominant in defence, making many important tackles.

Hamish ran and ran today, and he stood out for his defence. He made many tackles, and enjoyed diving tackles into the mud. He made some excellent runs in attack as well.

Overall really a very good game, throughly enjoyed by all including the spectators. The kids enjoyed the chance to play in the mud, and they also enjoyed the chance to meet with a few different teammates against different opposition to whom we normally play. A very good win.

30 July 2005 Wests Tigers at Kilbirnie Park at 0900 Cancelled due to grounds closed
23 July 2005 Wellington Axemen at Hataitai Park at 0900

Score: Poneke Hobbits won 14 tries to 11

Captain: Lucy

Player of the day: Lucy

Todays game was a demonstration of turning defence into attack. Wellington's potent attacking force was shut down today by another top defensive effort that was probably the best of the season. A feature of the teams defence has become the ability to quickly come back onside and prepare for the next tackle, and it appeared today that Wellington were often surprised by the sheer number of tackles made. The Hobbits have made tackling a tremendously improved team feature this year -- well done.

Lucy led the team today and she set the scene with her tackling and attacking. She had a superb all round game today, scoring 4 tries and making many many tackles to earn her a well deserved player of the day reward.

A top effort today from Eli coming back from being ill he tackled and ran well today. Eli's skill at making ground and passing off to the support led to more tries today.

Luke played another top game today, and his defence was excellent. Along with Lucy and Timote, Luke was up on the opposition quickly. He scored one try and featured in several good runs today.

Arriving back from overseas after midnight, Isaac played a very good defence game today and tackled well. Boy did he look tired by the end of the game still managing to get up for a try.

Timote played a strong all round game today and scored a very good try, he also featured in some strong runs leading to tries, and made many tackles.

Kailash played a good all round game today, he picked up 4 tries, one of which was a beauty as he outpaced tacklers down the sideline. He also used his speed to very good advantage on defence, making some great tackles.

Zach featured in some great runs today and he also tackled well. He is playing very good rugby and is working hard on all aspects of his game.

Nathan scored 3 tries today, he is a very determined runner near the tryline and is very fast when he sees the line coming up. Once again, his defensive play today was excellent, saving a couple of certain tries with his last of defence play.

Things to work on

-- running forwards!

-- gathering loose ball

16 July 2005 No game -- school holidays  
9 July 2005 Newlands Lions at Kilbirnie Park at  0900


Score: Poneke Hobbits won 18 tries to 17


Captain: Luke

Player of the day: Nathan


Phew! A gutsy performance today, especially after being down 12-9 at halftime. The first half saw three turnovers allow Newlands to get away to a good halftime lead. In the second we came storming back to score the match winning try.

Todays feature -- some of the best interchange and passing between players of the season. Support was great and a couple of times Newlands were simply stunned as the passes were so quick after tackles.

Player of the day today was Nathan who put in an absolutely top performance through the whole game. As well as scoring 6 tries, Nathan also directly stopped at least 4 tries playing his excellent last line of defence role.

Captain Luke played one of his best games today, leading by example and making many fine tackles, but also playing one of the best support games to score 5 tries.

Timote again worked hard to make many tackles, and his ability to grab loose ball and run off for a try was again to the fore picking up 2 tries. Semisi also tried hard and made a good run before passing to Zach.

Zach played another top game today, he is an excellent runner with the ball and his tackling improves every game.

Pererika made some good runs today and was working hard to keep up in support. He is also working hard with tackling. Again he set up a couple of tries after his good runs.

Caiden is playing very good rugby and has developed an excellent sidestep, leading to another try today. He also excels at running directly forwards and sets up many tries. Caiden makes a lot of tackles in every match. Well done Caiden.

Ashad played another one of his very good attacking games. He loves to run and uses his speed to good advantage. He is always good in support.

Isaac played an extremely valuable game today, with his quick pickup of loose ball leading to 3 second half tries. Isaac is just everywhere on the field and he is a master of making the tackle, and quickly getting back onside to make the next.

Lucy's defence was again really good today and as always she was always up in support, scoring another try today.

Things to work on

-- running forwards!

-- passing and catching

-- staying awake!

-- spreading across the field to tackle

2 July 2005 Johnsonville Panthers at Kilbirnie Park at  0900


Score: Poneke Hobbits won 15 tries to 12


Captain: Kailash

Player of the day: Eli


The opposition coach today remarked that our teams defence is the best in the grade, and the attack is looking strong as well.

Illness hit us again this week with 4 unable to play and and another one unavailable. Some of the team were less than 100%, but still put in a strong performance with the ability to work as a team being more and more a feature of play.

Eli put in a strong game today and he was defending and attacking well to get player of the day. Eli is very fast, and has a particular strength of suddenly running faster and leaving the opposition behind. He scored 1 try today, but had many good runs. Well done.

Timote tackled and attacked well today and his strength today was when the opposition dropped the ball. He scored 6 tries, 3 of these being directly from picking up opposition dropped ball and racing away. Timote's tackling is also high quality.

Luke and Ashad shared game time today and each scored a try. Both featured in many good runs, and both of them have worked on their tackling.

Lucy and Isaac each turned in another excellent game. They both give 100% plus in every match they play and their support play and defence is excellent. Isaac picked up 2 tries today, Lucy got 1, but they were involved in everything and are playing really well.

Caiden turned in another first class game. He is now taking on the defence and is confident with his sidestep. He often leaves the opposition behind as he sidesteps away and he scored 1 try again today. Caiden's defence is a feature. 

Kailash used his speed to score 1 try today and was always up with the play. In his first season of rugby Kailash uses his speed to good advantage, and his defence is also very good.

Things to work on

-- Not taking the ball off the player who is getting a pass.

-- recovering dropped ball

25 June 2005 Johnsonville Lions at Helston Park at  0900


Score: Poneke Hobbits won 18 tries to 17


Captain: Pererika

Player of the day: Luke

Today was our 100th try, well done!

Another impressive performance today, all the more so with several players having been sick during the week. This was a game against an opponent who were similar in style and skill to the Hobbits. We were down at halftime, scored the first three tries in the second half, and held on for an 18-17 win.

It is one of the Hobbits strengths that several players are noting where the opposition defences are stretched, and that other players are quickly passing to them. Well done.

Luke had a mighty first half performance today scoring 4 tries and demonstrating a great sidestep, but also being impressive in defence making some great tackles. He also made the run and quick pass that led to our second try. He also got extra kudos today for his good sportsmanship when his teammates scored tries.

Pererika had several good runs today and he made the opposition chase him hard.

Zach was again in the thick of things, his first half game was very good, especially on attack.

Ashad scored another try today, and he often used his sidestep to work himself into positions where he could pass near the line for tries to be scored.

Caidens game was very good today. He is using the sidestep to good advantage and his tackling was up to the usual high standard. He scored 1 try, but made some excellent runs and was several times involved in quick running onto the pass.

Today was another step for Eli who is getting more involved in the game now and his running with the ball is very quick and strong. Today he was involved in several moves that led to tries, both his attack and defence are improving with every game.

Lucy played her usual strong support and running game, scoring one try. As always Lucy was also strong on defence, and made many good tackles today.

Timote had another top game. 1 try and excellent defence, and Timote gains extra mention for sporting behaviour today. Semisi made some good tackles, and a good run which led to a try.

Nathan is developing his strategic game and again today was responsible for some excellent tackles when opposition players were near to scoring. He also also scored 3 tries.

Kailash scored 4 second half tries and his strong fast running was a dominant factor in the outcome. Kailash is also playing well in defence.

Isaac played in the second half and scored 3 tries. His very good support play is a feature of his play, and he is often proving to be the player who takes the last pass and scores.

Things to work on for everyone

-- not wrestling with your own team for the ball. This led today directly to one try to the opposition and also a dropped ball

-- Not taking the ball off the player who is getting a pass.

-- recovering dropped ball

18 June 2005 Wests Jaguars at Kilbirnie # 2 at  0900


Score: Poneke Hobbits won 14 tries to 13


Captain: Zach

Player of the day: Caiden


An excellent game today with two very evenly matched teams. Full marks to the Hobbits for sticking to the task and continuing to play hard right to the end of the game. Ball retention again a feature, and the quick passing when tackled. Tackling was again a strong point.

Player of the day today was Caiden who played the first half and made some tremendous tackles. He also ran hard and straight, and tried out some new tricks with a nifty little kick ahead that almost resulted in a try. He scored one try.

Lucy celebrated her birthday weekend with 5 tries today. As usual her support play was excellent, and her tackling again was strong.

Ashad made several good runs and one of these resulted in an excellent pass off for a try. He is proving elusive to tackle and has developed a quick pass that is seeing tries scored.

Luke had an excellent game today, and in particular he and Timote chased the opposition all over the field. Luke often chased the player back toward his own line and Timote was up there to make the tackle. Very good play by both, with attack also being strong. Luke scored 1 try and Timote scored 4 today.

Eli is continuing to gain confidence when running with the ball and scored another try today, the result of good hard fast running. Defence is also becoming a strong point -- well done Eli.

Another top performance from Zach who is turning in a solid performance every week. His defence and attack are improving all the time, and he is playing with a lot of confidence.

Isaac is playing really good rugby this year and he just doesn't stop running. He is strong in both attack and defence, and while he scored 2 tries he was directly involved in at least 3 others.

Nathan and Kailash are proving to be defensively very strong, with Nathan today taking the last line of defence role and doing it extremely well. There were many times when either Nathan or Kailash stopped tries very near the try line after Wests had got round other players.

Things to work on for everyone

-- not wrestling with your own team for the ball

-- not running way backwards with the ball

-- Not taking the ball off the player who is getting a pass

11 June 2005 MSP Cyclones at Kilbirnie # 2 at  0900


Score: Poneke Hobbits won 17 tries to 8


Captain: Semisi

Player of the day: Zach

This was a powerful performance from the Hobbits who dominated the game. Features today included excellent ball retention -- not a single dropped pass in the whole game, and the quick passing when tackled. We also stood out when the ball was lose, with several of our tries coming from opposition dropping the ball.

Player of the day today was Zach. He scored three excellent tries and made many good tackles. He also stood out in support play and was into everything today. Well done!

Semisi ran hard and made good tackles. Ashad also made many good runs today and scored a try. Lucy was a dominant tackler and collector of loose ball today, also scoring a try but being involved in several others.

Isaac played another powerful game to score two tries, and Caiden scored 3, the last being a beauty with a quick sidestep leaving the opposition all running the wrong way. Caiden's tackling continues to impress as well.

Eli is proving to a very fast runner and scored again today, defence also being very good. Pererika had some really good runs and set up two tries with his quick passes. Kailash continues to outrun his opposition with two very good tries today.

Timote and Nathan were into everything today, each scoring two tries. Again they both played a complete game with attack and defence being excellent.

Things to work on for everyone

-- not wrestling with your own team for the ball

-- not running way backwards with the ball

-- remembering to watch the opposition when its their restart!

04 June 2005 Newlands Hurricanes at Robert Street at 0900


Score: Draw 13 tries each

Captain: Isaac

Player of the day: Semisi

Brrrrr, it was a bit cold and windy at Newlands today. Fortunately no rain to make it really uncomfortable. We started playing into a strong wind and the team utilised short passes to go into halftime 7 tries each.

Our youngest and smallest player stood out today. Semisi is holding his own against the older kids, and today he crossed the tryline twice, unfortunately both times missing out on the try through having just been in touch. He played a very good game today and his tackling was excellent to earn him player of the day.

Isaac again excelled today, and his game added a new dimension as he has learnt to make the tackle and then immediately drop back and prepare for the next tackle. Isaac is playing extremely good rugby now, and is becoming a very good all round player. His support play and strong running saw him get 5 tries today.

Nathan has also a new strength which he is working on -- he is taking the role of fullback and making sure that someone is covering to make the last tackles. He also scored two tries today and covered a lot of ground across the field to make tackles.

Lucy played her usual strong game and got two tries and made a lot of tackles. Timote also played his usual strong game in defence and attack and was rewarded with a try. A special thanks to Timote and Lucy who filled in for Newlands to make the numbers up in each half.

Try of the day was a beauty where Luke ran strongly and  passed infield quickly to Eli who was running fast and never stopped, going straight through the opposition. It was a great example of how a quick pass and a fast runner who just runs straight for the goalline can beat the opposition. Luke played a very good defensive game today and also made some strong runs and scored 1 try.

Once again Caiden stood out in defence as well as some strong runs today. Defence is proving to be a solid part of Caidens play this season. He also scored a try.

Things to work on for everyone

-- passing quickly to the nearest player

-- not wrestling with your own team for the ball

-- not running way backwards with the ball


28 May 2005 Wests Tigers at Kilbirnie # 3 at 0900


Score: Draw 11 tries each

Captain: Nathan

Player of the day: Isaac

On a windy day we started into the wind and the first half was a struggle. We did well to be down 7 tries to 5 at half time. The second half saw the Hobbits take full advantage of the wind behind them to come from behind and tie the game 11 tries each.

Today was a standout game for Isaac. His running, passing, tackling and support play was superb. He was everywhere today and was rewarded with 6 tries and the player of the day award. He also stood out on defence making many tackles. Well done Isaac, one of the best performances this season.

Caiden had another excellent game today and again his defence was a high point of the game. Lucy and Luke also defended strongly, and each one of them scored one try today. Lucy won the ball in a lineout and made many strong runs, while Luke is beginning to understand the value of passing to players who are in more space than he is.

Zach started the scoring and had a strong attacking game.  Our captain Nathan played well today to score two tries and also made some excellent tackles.

Pererika had some strong runs. Timote tackled and ran hard and along with Kailash set up tries and supported well. Semisi played his usual hard tackling game.

Ashad is running fast and hard now and today he made some good runs that led to tries.

Overall this was a hard game against a very good Wests team. The Hobbits did well to tie this game.

21 May 2005 Wellington Axemen at Cobham Drive at 0900


Score: Win to Poneke Hobbits 15 tries to 12


Captain: Eli

Player of the day: Ashad

Special mention: Caiden


After a few days of rain the normally muddy Cobham Drive ground was ready for a hard days rugby. Pools of water and lovely, lovely mud made for a difficult time handling, but the Hobbits quickly adapted to the wet muddy ball and played an outstanding game using the quick close pass to their advantage. The team is developing a strength around quick passes after the tackle and are mastering the art of support making the games fast and very enjoyable to watch.

Special mention today for Kailash, Lucy, Isaac and Ashad who filled in for the Axemen (for a 1/2 each) so we could have a full game. Its good to see that our guys continue to be sporting and happy to round out opposition teams when they are short of players.

Everyone played superbly well today. Timote scored 4 tries and shown that mud doesn't slow him down, with his tackling again being a strong point. Our player of the day Ashad made some great tackles today and his running was also quick with a super sidestep leading to his first try for the season.

Eli was captain today and he made many strong runs leading to tries with some good tackles. Isaac picked up two tries (and another one for the Axemen) and as always he tackled hard and ran hard.

Caiden continues to be strong in defence as well as scoring a try today. Caiden and Luke again played an exceptional defence game where they chased opposition all over the field and didn't stop until the tackle was made. Luke scored two tries today for a well rounded game.

Lucy against featured with her strong support play, she is always near the ball carrier, she scored twice today, but also scored one for the Axemen. Kailash made many fast runs today and scored one try while filling in for the Axemen.

Semisi played in the first half today and made a scorching run pass several tacklers. His tackling is good and as always the size of the opposition didn't daunt him at all.

 Nathan again had a good game and again I was impressed with his teamplay and enthusiasm. 3 tries today with one being a scorcher that saw him outrun nearly the whole Wellington team.

Overall well done in the mud today! Many people including the opposition coach remarked on how strong the team is looking!

15 May 2005 Junior Zone Sevens Tournament Upper Hutt Rattlesnakes draw 5 tries each

Tawa Lions win to Hobbits by 4 tries to 3

Avalon draw 5 tries each

This was a fun morning with 3 games in quick succession. True seven a side with 7 minutes each way and immediate turnaround to restart after halftime.

Pererika, Zach, Isaac, Luke, Lucy, Caiden,Nathan,Eli, Kailash made the trip out to Te Whiti Park. Try scorers in the 3 games were

Kailash 4, Nathan 3, Caiden 2, Pererika 1, Luke 1,Isaac 2, Zac 1

There was a Hobbit player of the tournament award to Pererika for his strong running leading to his first try. Overall everyone played hard and they were all tired at the end.

Click For Tournament Photos

14 May 2005 Newlands Lions at Kilbirnie #2 0900


Score: Win to Poneke Hobbits 16 tries to 14

Captain: Ashad

Player of the day: Timote

Practice works! Today's tackling was outstanding, but none more so than Timote who made 27 tackles after I started counting, and a few more before that. An outstanding tackling game today to earn Timote player of the day, and he also also picked up 3 tries to round out a super all round effort.

Everyone put a lot of energy and hard work into todays game. Supporting Timote in the tackle were excellent performances from the rest of the team, with Semisi making some super tackles and Caiden and Kailash being right up there chasing the opposition all over the park. Kailash scored another try today.

Lucy stood out with her support play today. Soon we'll be nicknaming her Jerry or Richie! She played a superb support game and scored 5 tries, and 4 of those were by being up with the play. The passing was superb today, everyone was passing quickly and effectively. The team has grasped the value of the quick pass from the tackle.

Ashad today played a good captains game, making some excellent tackles and always running forward. His passing when tackled is quick and effective now.

Luke and Isaac played their usual 100% effort games, Isaac  scored two tries with Luke powering on the gas to score 3. Pererika is working hard in his first season and he to had a good game constantly making the opposition run backwards. Zach is always in the thick of the play this season and featured in some good runs, again setting up a couple of tries and scoring one himself.

Nathan is showing his skills both at practice and in games.  As will as playing well, he is proving to be a great team player constantly praising his teammates good play. His try today was a beauty that started with a Newlands dropped pass behind our goalline and he ran the length of the field to score.

Overall, the confidence is beginning to show and the team are all putting a lot of energy and effort into games.

07 May 2005 Wests Lions at Kilbirnie # 3 0900


Score: Win to Poneke Hobbits 12 tries to 11

Captain: Timote

Player of the day: Kailash

Go the mighty Hobbits! Game 1 resulted in a 12 tries to 11 win over the Wests Lions. Both teams showed a lot of skills, with the Hobbits support of the ball carrier being a major factor in the win. The Hobbits running and passing was very good today, but ... there's going to be some work to do on the tackling!

Kailash in his first competition match was everywhere today and stood out for his excellent tackling and strong running, scoring 3 tries. Isaac (3 tries), Luke and Nathan were into everything today, with Luke and Nathan scoring 2 tries each. Lucy picked up a try with her usual strong support play, and Timote was the other tryscorer today running hard. Zach had some strong runs, and set up 2 of the tries with quick passes after being tackled near the Wests goalline. Eli had some strong runs down the sideline and was also showing that he has mastered the quick pass to teammates. Ashad ran and ran today, again keeping up with his team and setting up a try, whilst Caiden was a standout tackler today as well as his usual strong running. And our smallest and youngest player Semisi made some strong tackles today and showed that in the tackle he is undaunted by the bigger kids!

A good start to the season, and as the team continues to practice and play they will keep improving.

Pre season games

Three outings against other Poneke teams and Wellington have set the scene with some impressive early season play. The team are rearing to play and with some dynamic tackling and running in the games thus far they should do well.