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Welcome To The Music Video Page


K people like the name says this is a test video it is not the bomb or anything it's just a nice little Monty Python montage that runs to the music of "The Doors - Hello I love You". Hope ya like it.
Test - Slow connection (56K Modem)
Test - Fast connection  (Cable/DSL)

Alrighty here's da second video, way better den da first one it has a few mistakes but nothing too major, da music is Bodies by Drowning Pool. The song itself sucked so I fixed it and the video is mostly Dragonball Z with a little something extra at the end. (Special thanx to Mazez on dis one I couldn't have finished it without her)
DBZ - Bodies - Fast Connection (Cable/DSL)
DBZ - Bodies - Slow Connection (56k Modem)





There will be more laterz, if anyone has a kewl suggestion or comment to make 

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