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Everyone can relax Dewla will return


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News : 

12/03/02 - K been a while since I updated, but I'm back so don't despair coming to you from Oakland still but not for long, comin down for good dis weekend. Let's see as far as news go, I saw Danaze's band play dis past weekend and they rocked of course, mainly because Danaze is playin for dem. Also decided to change my karaoke pic yet again, yea I know, but da new one would be "Forrest" by "System of a Down" I actually got some complements from Kyle and Krystal for singing it in da car but dey're not reliable cuz dey is my friends and is lying to me. Oh, da update of Dewla's Hall of Fame; in order for a band to enter my hall of fame 90% of deir released songs must rock, and dey must have @ least 3 albums out, so "System of a Down" joins "Tool", and "Rage against Machine" in Dewla's Hll of Fame, I'll be sure to make a special page for dat later on. I can't think of anything else to write so enjoy da songs even dough none of you bastards downlaod dem anyway... why do I bother.

11/27/02 - K Thanksgiving is almost upon us and since I might not be doin dis tomorrow on da actual thanksgiving I would just like to say what I am thankful for, well I'm thankful dat System of a Down has released a new album called "Steal This Album" but more den dat I'm thankful dat I have a great friend like Kyle, I mean Kyle so nice and wonderful, he's caring and considerate, just an overall awesome guy. I know that if I was a girl or gay I would definitely go out wit him, but alas I am not. I have heard dat Kyle sang a song karaoke style last night, and I imagine it must have been just incredible, because let's face it Kyle has an angelic voice. He told me dat he did not do so well, but we all know how modest Kyle is and I'm positive dat he has won da contest but since he is so giving I'm guessing he donated the prize to charity or something like dat. I can only hope dat someday I can be half da man dat kyle is. So tommorow when you think of what you're thankfull for don't forget aboot Kyle. Oh, za vas sto mozete citat Bosanski ovo sto sam napiso je laz, Kajl je jado, ali posto me je zezo ranije danas odlucio sam da ga zajebem, nemam sad vremena sve da objasnajavam, samo znajte da ce bit dobro ljut kad ovro procita, Buwa ha ha ha ha.

11/24/02 -  A breaking story it seems last update I messed up on an Inky-Bus lyric and some crazed fans known to me only as L&K have been harrasing me day and night calling me names and generally being like totally mean to me. The police have no clues because dey r idiots (in case any cops r rading dis I'm just kiddin I love you piggies... I mean law enforcement officers). But seriously people in dese hard times let's spread love not hate on a related story I have an announcement to make for any assassins or hit men or whatever dat r interested in pro bono work I have a few people people I would like offed, mainly anyone involved in the new bond move "die anodder day" (wit da exception of Halle Berry and da odder chick in da movie) and anyone involved in da movie "Signs" (wit da exception of Mel Gibson and dat guy dat played Caeser's son in gladiator, dat guy's my man, he's like ultra evil, he radiates evil, yess <dat was an evil yess Mr. Burns style>). Also be warned dat watching dese movies will, like a certain song dat was requested by a certain girl, cause extreme headaches, nausea, as well as a temporary decrease in IQ (ex. after watching dese movies for an hour all you'll be able to say is "What?" "Duh!" and "Me Tarzan you Jane"). Hope you guys enjoyed dis segment of da news as for site news I might be adding a movie review page since I am such a fine writter and decider of what is good and what is bad. Till next time ... 

11/20/02 - Yea yea I know haven't been updating, sorry busy, lazy take your pick but I'm coming back wit a few songs along wit a new link, I found dis while I was downloading mp3s it's a sweetnes tang. You can download a chick dat will dance to your songs. You can download odder dancers but you gotta pay for dem. I'm currently running da program and da chick is doing a sweet dance to "Forty Six and Two by Tool". Ok in any case have fun till next time.

11/04/02 - I'm baaaaack, yes da stay in OC was quite sweet, I'm missin you guys already, but enough sentimentality let's get down to business. Da songs are up to date as you prob know, I'll see if I can't add a few vids, but das gonna take some work so just chill for now. It seems my original plan for movin down has be foiled by the evil manager lady from Foxhollow Village but with the help of the good folks @ Harbor Greens Apts and some luck I'll should still be able to make it down in 3 weeks. I am also proud to report that this has been a record setting weekend, first dis past saturday I managed to shatter my old bowling record of 89 and replace it wit a whopping 104 thanx to my awsome double X (for you amateur bowlers dat aren't familiar wit da pro lingo x marks a strike) I will start touring da country soon to show of my awsome bowling skills, but we'll have more on dat story as it develops. My second record came later on in the weekend with my rcord breaking 5 hour and 30 minute drive back home, by far the fastest time recorded by man or beast for such a long distance. K dat's quite enogh news for now... laterz people. 

10/31/02 - Well Halloween is upon us and while you guys are partying and havin fun I'll be stuck up in here workin and going to the fuck*** mechanic, oops did I do dat wrong, oh well. At least I might get a chance to see all da Berkeley freaks and trust me there are quite a few come out and dress in deir Halloween best. I must say sorry I couldn't make it to your play Chad, but with luck I'll make da next one. In any case I know you're gonna get support from all my peeps down dere, and I know da play is gonna rock. Well dat's all I have to say aboot dat. Laterz

10/29/02 - Oh yes da day is finally here da little girl known to us all as STP is 21. I know you guys are gonna welcome him to this glorious age buy saying dose 6 sacred words (for dose of you dat r under 21 dose would be "Go Get Me Some Beer Bitch!") and I know you're gonna throw him a party worthy of his agedness or something. Alright ignore dat last one, I was looking for a good word to put dere but seeing as my mighty brain is tired all I could come up wit was dat. Dat's it for dis edition of da news, Party Hard and Rock on. Oh yea "Yo soy el matador."

10/23/02 - For all of you dat aren't into fock (dat's folk/rock) here's some fochno (dat's folk techno). Dis one goes out especially for Mazez cuz she was praising the last song so much. She actually e-mailed me to tell me how much she liked it "This song is awesome Dewla" (copied and pasted from her e-mail). So enjoy people you might be seein more of dis type of music from my bro and Sam later on, like in a few years or something. Dj Krmak - Eros Bosanceros

10/22/02 - Alright back on track after a muy long time, well  not quite back on track dunno when I'll have time to fix all da crap but for now just enjoy da song dat is da basis for my band. Nervozni Postar - Coban Tjera Ovcice Dis is da only page dat's been updated will update maybe dis weekend.

05/17/02 - Ok I wanna start off by sayin dat I'm way jealous of my friends over in Europe who seem to be having a grand time, but having a web-site as awesome as dis one has it's price. The site is up-to-date as far as da songs of da day go, I'm gonna try and update da odder sections as well but I'm gonna be way busy it seems so don't get your hopes up.

05/15/02 - I have come back from my trip and am ready to rock, the page has moved to so if you're reading this on my old page click on da link and go to da new one. I also found a permenent song of the day which is on da song of the day page, I think it fits me well. In any case people I'm tired of all of your bitching aboot how I send you too many e-mails at a time so I decided to limit it to 2-3 e-mails a day when I'm making up for missed days. In closing I just wanna say that this last weekend, despite wanting to die on Saturday night was one of the best times I've had in a long long time. I just wanna thank everybody who participated and apologize to dose who didn't. I miss you all from the bottom of my cold black heart, till we meet again remember, I am the man.

05/09/02 - People rejoice, dere is a new music video on da page, I know you guys have been looking forward to this all week so go and checks it out, I'm gonna be goin down to OC this weekend so dere will be no updates during this time, I know it's gonna be hard for you but try to tough it out. Till then remember, I am the man.

05/08/02 - Well it looks like I might be movin da site to just cuz it's easier to remember den my current address, dey give out a whopping 150MB of storage but the winnies only let you upload files no bigger den 900K, which is not big enough for one song, so dat kinda sucks. Well i'm workin on a new video, actually I'm thinking aboot working on a new video, I'm tryin to find a song and some clips to match it so it may be a while before I get it out. Oh and if anyone would like to appear in any of my video's just e-mail me @ and I'll see what I can doo. Till den I hope you enjoy da songs. As usual just remember I am the man. 

05/03/02 - K upon further inspection of Adobe Premier I have discovered that there is an even better way to compile these movies as well as audio tracks so as a result it will be much easier to download both the music videos and later songs of the day. They will be much much smaller thus making it a little easier for you people with modem connection and a little prettier for those of you with a fast one. I have already updated the music video page, the song of the day page may take a little longer to upgrade to this new system.

05/02/02 - I found new toy, Adobe Premier 6.0, this thing is pretty fun. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's simply video editing software which allows me to mess wit some of the movies I download, the point of this of course is that there is a new section on my page called Music Videos, which is of course are all my little creations so checks it out. I will take requests for videos of course, but I will decided how to make a video for a song you request. That's it for now kiddies till next time remember I am the man.

05/01/02 - Damn I'm lazy, ok finally updated the page, haven't update the comedy page but I swear I'll do it tomorrow you'll notice some of the links are not working, that's cuz I'm still working on the page but the song of the day should be all good. Sorry it took so long folks but a few things happened:
1. I got a new comp and had to install everything and replace the CPU fan
2. Broke my big toe
3. Got a cold while taking care of my big toe in the emergency room (isn't that sad) 
Worries not friends I'm back and almost healthy so the page will be updated, on the sad side of the news I found a website that is threatening to take away my title as the greatest site of all time and that is, their ideas are just too hard to compete with but you know I'm gonna try my worst in any case go visit the site, buy some t-shirts or win a free one. Oh also that bastard Kyle tries once again to beat me by spraining his ankle but I mean come on you gotta do better than that to top my broken toe succa. In any case people look for more updates soon till then just remember I am the man.

04/19/02 - Back and lazier than ever, my comedy page is still not updated and it seems another fool is trying to dethrone me, me the king of the information superhighway, the ruler of the internet, the master of the web, the emir of ooey gooey (Stolen from Spawn, way sweet movie). I mean come on don't you guys ever learn, I rock and you do not. In any case the fools website has been added to my linkz page and in case you're lazy like me here it is one more time 

04/18/02 - My laziness knows no bounds as I continue to ignore the comedy page, sorry folks will update soon, but at least I am updating the song of the day page on a daily basis. Also you guys are lagging on the requests and the dedications, come on people pick up the pace. That's it for this edition of the news.

04/15/02 - So I'm lazier than I thought, hmm that was unexpected in any case I've updated the song of the day page it is current once again. The comedy page I'll update tonight unless my laziness kicks in again.

04/11/02 - Yea yea, I know I haven't been updating, but I was sick, I'm feelin better though and will hopefully be updating on a daily basis again, in any case The song of the day page is up to date so checks it out and I'll update the comedy page tomorrow.

04/06/02 - Alrighty the comedy page is up and running, I'll try to update it as often as possible, but I'm muy busy so just hang on, da odder ting you might notice is that I finally got a counter so I'll finally get to see how popular my site is. That's it for now, just remember I am the man.

04/04/02 - K people I know I've been lazy but I'll try to keep up, I'm feeling a bit under the weder (weather intentionally misspelled) so I can't make any promises and it is muy cold so that's not helping but in any case this site rocks and soon there will be a comedy section added with a joke of the day and some funny movie and audio clips.

04/01/02 - K major updates were made to the song of the day page and I'll make more to the other pages later, have fun people.

03/22/02 - K, you'll notice that I've changed the link color to green so it can be seen better (Special thanx to Mazez on the tip),  in any case I'm up to 6 accounts which = 120MB, quite a bit of space, I know, I know, I'm the man. More cool stuff will be coming soon till then, keep on rockin.

03/22/02 - People, this page is meant to be viewed at 1280 x 1024 resolution so if you have a lower one it might look kinda crappy, but don't blame me it's your own fault for not using the correct resoulution, the people with 15" monitors are forgiven cuz they are supposed to use 1024 x 768, anybody using any lower resolution don't even bother e-mailing me to complain.

03/21/02 - K I split the Request and Dedication pages, I'm gonna have to do more updating before it all looks good and nice but till then you're just gonna have to live wit it. By the way I cannot get rid of the stupid adds that r displayed on my page so don't blame me for the crappy bands that are featured.

03/21/02 - K just wanted to thank everyone for the happy b-day wishes, you guys rock. I especially enjoyed the songs, they made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Also I see that a little girl is trying to muscle in on my web-site ting that I'm doin but he's pathetic site is no match for the greatness of mine so I added him to my linkz page so you guys have something to laugh at, but seriously if you like the Simpsons you definitely want to check this one out.

03/20/02 - The request/dedication page is up and ready for your exploration, so checks it out. Special thanx to Kyle and Mazez on this one. I am still thinking about how to make that one look so it does look mighty ugly right now but hopefully will be pretty like me soon.

03/20/02 - The Osbournes - Yes! it has finally happened Ozzy has his own show, it's on Tuesdays @ 10:30 p.m. PT on MTV you know you wanna check it out. By the way this link shall be added to the linkz page.

03/20/02 - K first off bookmark this site, or if you are using Internet Explorer "add it to your favorites." The website is getting bigger and bigger, right now I'm up to 4 accounts hoping to be bigger and better than ever, there will be a request/dedication section coming soon, till then have fun and remember this is the greatest web-site on the planet, nay in the Universe. 

03/19/02 - K I have updated the odder page, I know you guys will love my new stuff as usual I bring you the best in entertainment, better than HBO, better than Cinemax, oh yea that's me. Right at this moment I'm suffering from writer's block so you'll have to wait for more great text from the master, laterz.

03/19/02 - K My web-site still sucks, I got rid of the lists cuz I'm sending this web page to some parents and I don't wanna get into trouble. In any case I added some links you might find useful or fun. There will be more as the site develops, speaking of which if anybody knows any cool sites e-mail me, I had some complaints that my e-mail link is not working, well it works for me so if it doesn't work for u just e-mail me manually like you used. By the way Nathan who was on the girl list was upgraded to the bastard list, but I had to take em down because of fore mentioned reasons.










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