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LinkZ Page

Adrenaline Shop - Another full thinx he can rival my website but as usual he is wrong. This here is Cliff's little gun page. (Cliff is a bitch)

S & J Expressions - Sweetness site a good place to get awsome t-shirts

The Osbournes - Yes! it has finally happened Ozzy has his own show, it's on Tuesdays @ 10:30 p.m. PT on MTV you know you wanna check it out.

Priority Electronics - Need a part for your laptop, they've got it! (S&J all the way baby)

STP's Simpsons Page - This is a Simpsons web-site made by their ultimate fan STP so checks it out. - You know you love it so here it is the Dilbert web-site, it rocks.

Lyrics Freak - Alright this is a sweetness lyric site where you can check the lyrics to your favorite song of the day. (Special thanx to Cliff on this one) - This is a funny little site definitely worth checking out.

CDNOW - This is a great site for checking out the albums of your favorite bands











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