ruins of dandellion's cyber home
This page is not intended to give an answer to the question who is dandellion. Is he an artist? Does he make paintings, photographs, pin-ups or pornography which he pretentiously calls pornart? Is he a web designer or a multimedia developer? What about electronic music that some people claim that they've heard as his own? Is he just a fraud? Or does he even exists at all?

This is the place where x dandellion lived for a while. Moreover, he called it his cyber home. But, x dandellion no longer lives here. No one knows why he went away. Maybe he got bored by all these pop-ups and banners (though the initial agreement with the host was either pop-up or banner, not both of them). On the other hand, evil people will tell you that, in fact, he was too lazy to update his page every now and then so he abandoned it.

For whatever reason, he has left the building. But, then he realized that the adress of his humble cyber home is in the top10 when typing his name on google..... and being a nice and kind person as he is, he wasn't about to disappoint the nice people from google and to leave in ruins the place which their robots found cute enough to place on the first page of their searches in the flattering company of salvador dali.
So, the question is, where is x dandellion now? Rumours are that he joined an acidzen monastery. Some say that he roams the wilderness of the internet seeking for truth about the universe.... or ultimate happines.... or is just trying to get laid....

Other roumors say that he has been seen in dirty places and dark corners of the web like superfly, chillout and elitesecurity... talkingrubbish and dirty words. Who knows? There is a huge possibility that he still publishes his so called artwork at the gallery of deviantart.

Maybe he is still trying to make a great swindle and score 93000 euros for his own island in the mediterranean? If you have a hundred thuosands euros with nothing to do with them, you are most very welcome to pass it to him (7000 should cover small expenses like broadband on the island and a couple of hammocks that hang between trees and are a great possibility for being lazy during long summer days). You'll always be a dear guest in one of them.

Disclaimer (cause disclaimers are so cool, especially when done in fine print that force you to zoom in the page) This small piece of web is completely developed on an open source platform. It should be visited by opera, mozilla or any other properly functioning browser (which excludes IE and its shitty corporate clones). If this page is broken or not displayed properly on your box, that is your problem. Maybe it is not a bad idea to click one of those links above and get yourself a free copy of a working browser and start enjoying the web.

Credits (also cool in fineprint) We mentioned open source, right? Well, beside suse9.2 linux distro as an operating system, the making of this site used kwrite (to scatch this chattering), quanta (to put it in html) and gimp (to suffer with its terrible interface trying to make some graphics). It is a nice thing to know that one can do a nice looking site (if you don't mind the mess of the ruins, this is a nice looking site, right?) without giving hundreds of $$$ to fucking software corporations.
Special thanks goes to gnato from deviantart who kindly gave permission to use one of the images from his stock.
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