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Online Battle

DISCLAIMER:First off this program was not made by me it was made by the fine people at
Zelda Guide so please visit there site:Zelda/Yu-Gi-Oh! Guide.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Battle 1.3.2
Update for Online Battle 1.3.2
Download Winzip


For Base Program:First set your computer's resolution to at least 1024x768 After downloading a WINZIP folder should appear(if you don't have WINZIP it can be downloaded from the link above) and in the folder there is a tutorial although I'll have one on the site and you will find the program itself.
Open Yu-Gi-Oh_Online_Battle.exe and the installer should come up.Install it then download the update.
For Update:Download the update and basically repeat the above steps. Now whenever you battle someone click on and open yugiohupdate.exe.