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Cute's Battledome Guide

This guide was written by a former member of the guild.

Getting Started:
First get a healing item such as a slime potion, bag of infinite neggs, frost healing, or a scorchstone (see below for more details).

Next, get a good attack weapon. It is best to withdraw only the amount you¡¦re willing to spend from the bank before going shopping, or you could go overboard buying your first weapon. Consider your pet's species. Some species have absolutely no good offence items at all, so in that case I suggest you stick to weapons like the Grand/Improved Lightning Beam and Ultra Rainbow Flash.

To have both a good offence and defence, get some or all of the set of Fire, Dirty Snow, and Radioactive snow. The Fire snow will defend against fire attacks. Dirty snow will defend against air and earth attacks, and Radioactive snow will defend against light and dark (I think). You should also get some one-time use items such as Brain Tree Splinters. I always equip my pet with these. They do around 6 icons of damage and are low in price.

Snowballs and Muffins:
Snowballs and Muffins have been under-rated for a long time but they deal the most damage of all 'normal' weapons. Their only weakness is the fact that you can only use them once. Many of them are not too expensive, so stock up on them. Their order from least to most damage is wet, poison, evil, yellow, exploding, icy, snow mudball, sticky snowball. I suggest that you start with some sticky, stone, and exploding snowballs. .If you have the money and want bigger firepower, consider muffins.

One of the best things to use in battle is an ability. You can get abilities from bottled faeries and they are very useful. I suggest you stick only with the healing ones. The ones I typically use are (name of faerie and suggested strength): heal (water-use on strong), shadow health (dark-use on strong), drain life (dark-use on weak), magic berries (earth-use on weak). They have various advantages and disadvantages. Abilities are commonly used to turn the tide in a battle.

Lastly, you have to have a good strategy. Some people I know use an attack and a defence weapon together, while others guess and for one turn, try and block out every part of their opponents attack, freeze them, then attack strong the next turn. Which ever strategy you develop, remember to consider your weapons and their strengths before battling!

One Player Strategies:

Chia Clown:
Most pets who have trained, even slightly, will be able to beat him without difficulties. He uses water, earth, physical and air attacks. The best thing is dirty snow to block the earth and air, and a fire stone to block water. A decent weapon will help you defeat him easily.

Pant Devil:
He is equipped with a rainbow frost cannon, rainbow gun, and level 2 bubble beam. Just keep some magic berries and use them every turn so you will still be able to keep your health up even if he freezes you. Otherwise, use a dirty/fire snow combo. A night stone would also be nice, but not necessary.

The Flaming Meerca:
You can probably guess what he will use based on his name. He uses mainly fire and light weapons. I suggest using a night stone and fire snow to block his attacks. Dirty snow can also be useful. He has average stats, but if you use one of the three items mentioned above and heal every turn, you will do well. He does light, fire, earth, and physical icons.

Harry the Mutant Moehog:
He is not too good on offence so not hard to beat. He uses a Moehog tail, Ram helmet, ultra rainbow flash, and supersize. Defend with a dirty/fire snow combo and radioactive snow if you have it. Normally, he will do only a few icons, but every few turns, he will suddenly jump out and do much more damage. So you need to prepare for that. You might get lucky by guessing for that turn and then throwing up random defences, but that won¡¦t work in the long run. Your best bet would be to use weapons that both attack and defend. Also, remember to use magic berries or other healing things every turn. This will keep you from fainting easily and is useful if you get stuck.

The Mummy:
The mummy is quite formidable if you are unprepared. I drew him once before I figured out the right weapons to use. His hit points are rather high, so you must focus on a continual attack or it will be almost impossible to beat him. He uses the eye of the mummy, supersize, hand of the mummy, level 2 bubble beam. Use dirty snow to defend and high power attacks like snowballs or clockwork grundos or brain tree splinters. Also, use a healing attack every turn and keep a scorchstone, which heals according to your hp, in your arsenal. Continual attack and good defence will allow you to beat him.

He is quite high up as stats go. His weapons are another thing though. I would be ashamed to have those equipped, but then, if your pet has awesome stats it can kill even with a sparkshooter. The Esophagor uses the web claw, slime pendant, lots of slime potions, sludge hammer, and a grand lightning beam. He does water, earth, air, fire, light, physical, and dark icons, but he rarely uses the GLB so you don¡¦t really have to worry about that. Even with decent weapons, his defence is poor. Be a bit persistent and you will beat him with no problem. I suggest you use a dirty snow or two to defend for this one as most of his weapons do earth and air icons. The abilities burrow and sink can also help along with many freezing items.

Ghost Lupe:
The ghost lupe is pretty easy even with his difficulty level. His weapons include super lupurus tooth, ghost lupe sword, icy snowball, mud snowball, forest sling, grand lightning beam. These do air, physical, water, earth, light, and fire icons. Most of them will be earth and physical icons. I recommend that you use a soul stone to block all the earth icons or dirty snow to block a few of them. Remember dirty snow/fire snow combo is useful in blocking 4 types of icons. fire, light, earth, and air icons. The only disadvantage is that they only block 2 of each. The burrow ability can also be used which will block ALL icons except for light. The Sink ability will do just about the same thing. The only downside to using these two is that it will take 80% of your ability power and you can only use them for 2 turns altogether. Physical icons can be defended by species armour, but make sure you check with a reliable battlepedia *try pink poogleƒº* before buying! I would recommend you use the burrow ability, or the fire/dirty/radioactive snow combo. If you use the fire/dirty/radioactive snow combo, you can use an ability such as drain life to still attack him fairly hard. The ghost lupe is moderately hard I¡¦d say for pets with average stats of over 18, and hp of over 35. A scorchstone is HIGHLY recommended as well as a freezing weapon such as a snowglobe staff, as those are fairly cheap and can give you a yellow snowball, attack, and freeze. Breaking for the battle is also a possibility.


During the battle, I think every pet needs a major healing item. These items are named scorchstones, and here is a complete list:

bronze-heals 15 hp
red- heals 20 hp
blue- heals 30 hp
green- heals 40 hp **unbuyable**
purple- heals 50 hp **unbuyable**
rainbow- heals 80 hp **unbuyable**
jade- heals you COMPLETELY **hidden tower item**

It is best if you chose a scorchstone that heals within 10 hp *either way* of your max hpļ But remember the prices!

There are also defence scorchstones. Some are worth the price while others aren¡¦t. Here¡¦s a list:

Earthen-protects from air icons
Silver-protects from air water and light icons
Golden-protects from ALL air and fire icons. **unbuyable**

I would say that earthen and silver aren¡¦t worth the price or the space they take in your arsenal. Golden is good on defence, but the price isn¡¦t good for the protection you get. Overall, I think you can just stick with healing scorchstones.

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