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Welcome to the Kate-a-base!!!This is my 2nd version of my site and and it rocks. I got sick of making a site exclusively for dollz so I decided to make a database full of all the senselessly useless Internet information that I love so much. Enjoy! ~*~*~Update~*~*~

Sorry about not updating, but winter's coming up again, so I'll have a lot more time on my hands soon! My computer is broken, but I'm still working on my webbie at school and other places! Also I'm going to be deleting the MIDI page and putting up some new ones! My links are also horribly outdated, so prepare to see some changes!


Unfortunately, I can't provide a link on the side, so you'll have to click here to enter! There is a password, but it's just a question anyone who knows me should know. If you don't know and you're one of my friends, email me and I'll tell the password to you. :)

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