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Tips In Stawars2 Levels

Well if you play the starwars2 levels a lot, then you might know some of these little tips:

If you are on the Counter-Terrorist team or CT team it seems to be impossible to shoot through the glass but it really isn't. The Counter-Terrorists' glass window is bullet proof. The trick here is that in order to shoot through the glass you have to get on top of the tie fighter's wing faceing the window and crouch down. If you can get the angle just right, you can see half of a person through the window when a person stands in that spot. The other half is covered by the top half of the wall. What you have to do is practice this because once you get it down you will be able to shoot people through the window. When you see the bottom half of a person when looking through the window, imagine where the person is on the top half of the window behind the wall (most likely their head). That is where you shoot!

Do you have trouble getting on top of a tie fighter's wing? Or even trying to get on it as fast as possible? Well there is a fast and easy way to get on top of these wings. This only works in starwars2 levels not in starwars2a. All that you have to do is approach the bottom half of a tie fighter. Once under move over to the ladder that takes you up to the cock-pit. Run into the ladder as fast as you can and it will fling you up into the air and onto a tie fighter's wing!

In the starwars2 levels there is a bridge located in the center of the level. This bridge seperates the Terrorist team from the Counter-Terrorist team. Although the bridge looks very solid it is actually a hologram. If you try to jump on the bridge you will fall right through! The actual bridge is an invisible platform! There are three ways to find out where the bridge is:

(1) You can take all the guns from the gun room and keep throwing them out into the bridge until one floats around on an invisible spot and that is where the bridge is. The only problem to that is you make many trips from the gun room to the bridge.

(2) The second way is you can go up to the bridge, crouch down, and knife at it until you here a scratching sound. That is where the bridge is!

(3) The third way is you can go up to the bridge, crouch down, and keep pressing your spraypaint button until you hear the noise and that is where the bridge is. The third way is my favorite because to me it is the fastest and you have a gun out at all times!

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